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Born to be Creative 为创意而生


To mark its 10th anniversary, Malaysia’s leading fashion festival, the Mercedes-Benz STYLO AsiaFashionFestival 2017 kicked off five nights of fashion entertainment in a stunning display at its opening gala at Bangsar South’s KL Gateway Mall. Themed, “50 shades of RED”, this year’s festival saw the newly opened KL Gateway Mall transformed into a cinematic platform to honour the classic icons of fashion, TV and movies past and present with honorary guests including Professor Datuk Jimmy Choo OBE, Dato Nancy Yeoh-Reissiger, Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai and many more.

The Lifetime Achievement Award 2017, presented on the last day of the festival as part of an award gala evening, was awarded to Victor Goh who began his fashion design career in the late 1970s. Goh has been interviewed by CNN on Asia Pacific fashion and the Kebaya elements in his designs. His more recent projects and campaigns include Debut Shanghai, Schwarzkopf, Vidal Sassoon Shanghai, Nala Design Paris, Kagesha Tokyo, Saco London, Evisu Hong Kong, Annasul Y and Lusan Mandongus Hong Kong.


为了庆贺迈入10周年,马来西亚最令人瞩目的时尚盛典-“2017年马赛地奔驰 STYLO 亚洲时尚节”,在吉隆坡 Bangsar South 的 KL Gateway Mall 举行的开幕式上,以惊艳四方的形式启动长达5个晚上的时尚娱乐节目。而以“红色之50渐变”作为主题,在今年的编排中,新开业的 KL Gateway Mall 摇身一变成为电影平台,以纪念荣耀过去与现在的时尚、电视,电影等经典标志性风格,联袂荣誉嘉宾:拿督周仰杰教授 OBE、STYLO 国际总裁兼首席执行员拿督杨爱钻,拿督斯里黄骏伟等等。

至于节目进行到最后一天的颁奖晚会,其中2017年终身成就奖颁发予1970年代末便展开时装设计生涯的Victor Goh。另外,Victor Goh 接受 CNN 亚太时尚的采访以及他运用的 Kebaya 设计元素。他近期的计划和活动包括:上海 Debut、施华蔻、上海沙宣,巴黎 Nala Design、东京 Kagesha,伦敦 Saco,香港 Evisu,Annasul Y 和香港 Lusan Mandongus 等。


Penang Fashion Week 2017 槟城时尚周

The Penang Fashion Week 2017 at Gurney Paragon Mall ended at a high note with 27 runway shows featuring local fashion favourite Eric Choong and Bon Zainal, Illiza Ho (Taiwan), Richard Li (Hong Kong) and Mo Hom (Myanmar). Other international brands included Tanya Stevens AHNDE, La Martina and Kate Spade New York. Penang State EXCO for Tourism Development & Culture YB Danny Law Heng Kiang, Malaysian fashion icon Jimmy Choo, Hong Kong celebrity Grace Wong, international model Tuti were among the VIPs who attended this fashion feast with the theme ‘Colours of Spring & Summer’.


在葛尼百丽宫广场举行的2017年槟城时尚周在喝彩声中圆满落幕,而多达27项时装走秀包含国内外时尚界佼佼者如宗柏伸 (Eric Choong)、Bon Zainal、Illiza Ho(台湾),李国华(香港)与 Mo Hom(缅甸)等设计师的精心杰作。至于参与的国际品牌包括 Tanya Stevens AHNDE、La Martina 和纽约 Kate Spade。槟州旅游发展与文化委员会主席罗兴强行政议员、马来西亚时尚典范人物周仰杰、香港艺人王君馨,国际名模Tuti以及其他贵宾也出席这个主题为“春夏的颜色” 之时尚盛宴。

Couture Meets Excellence 时装与卓越相逢

Christian Dior, Paris (fashion house), Yves Saint Laurent (designer) Climène dress, autumn−winter 1959 haute couture collection Photo © Laziz Hamani
Christian Dior, Paris (fashion house), Raf Simons (designer) autumn−winter 2012 haute couture collection Photo © Patrick Demarchelier/Licensed by Art+Commerce
Christian Dior and fashion model Lucky c. 1956 © Christian Dior Photo: Bellini
Christian Dior, Paris (fashion house), Yves Saint Laurent (designer) Climène dress, autumn−winter 1959 haute couture collection Photo © Laziz Hamani

In celebration of the seventieth anniversary of the House of Dior, one of the most prestigious couture houses in the world, the National Gallery of Victoria is set to present the never-before-seen exhibition The House of Dior : Seventy Years of Haute Couture at NGV International from 27 August to 7 November, 2017.

Exclusive to Melbourne, the exhibition is a collaboration between the NGV and the House of Dior and will feature a sumptuous display of over 140 garments from Christian Dior Couture designed from 1947 to 2017.

Considered as Dior’s first complete collection to be shown outside of Paris, the exhibition’s highlights include examples from Christian Dior’s iconic Spring 1947 ‘New Look’ collection, magnificent displays of Dior’s signature ballgowns and evening dresses, as well as current contemporary designs from the House’s first female head designer, Maria Grazia Chiuri.

配合迪奥之家(House of Dior)70周年纪念,维多利亚国家美术馆(NGV)为这家世界上极负盛名的时装店之一,策划前所未有的展览 “The House of Dior : 70年高级定制时装”,自2017年8月27日至11月7日,在NGV国际馆展出。

而在墨尔本的独家展览会,也是NGV和迪奥之家合作的独特策划案,展出从1947年直至2017年由Christian Dior Couture团队所设计,逾140件的奢华时装服饰。

由于考虑到这是迪奥首个完整系列在巴黎之外的区域展出,展览会将突出 Christian Dior 的标志性春装 – 1947年的 “新面貌” 系列,还有迪奥招牌舞会礼服和晚礼服,并由迪奥之家的首位女性创意总监 Maria Grazia Chiuri 展现当代设计作品。

Haute Couture at its Height 顶级时装的至高点

WMT20068-.jpgIf what drives a product towards extravagance and opulence is pure talent and multitude of hard work, then these two fashion artists seem to have what it takes to do just that. Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren recently unveiled the world-premiere exhibition of their latest fashion artwork title Viktor & Rolf : Fashion Artists at NGV International Melbourne.

Driving the haute couture designs from Dutch fashion house, these artists present some of the most flamboyantly sculptured creation inspired by Picasso and cubism. Featuring over 40 intricate and hand-crafted haute couture garments, the premiere will include exhibit from a dress made from a silk bedspread, to gowns made from gold-gilded picture frames.

如果驱使一项产品迈向富丽奢华境地是纯粹的天赋和辛勤工作,那么 Viktor Horsting 和 Rolf Snoeren 这两名时尚设计师似乎就是当仁不让。他们最近也在为主题Viktor & Rolf :时尚艺术家在墨尔本维多利亚国家美术馆国际馆 (NGV International) 的世界首次展览会揭开序幕,展示最新时尚作品。




arts012207_rgbViktor & Rolf: Fashion Artists will be on display from Friday 21 October – 26 February at NGV International, 180 St Kilda Road, Melbourne. Tickets are available from NGV’s website NGV. MELBOURNE

Atelier: Viktor & Rolf for Kids will be on display from Friday 21 October – 26 February at NGV International, 180 St Kilda Road, Melbourne.

Viktor & Rolf:“时尚艺术家”将于10月21日至2月26日在墨尔本180号St Kilda路维多利亚国家美术馆国际馆(NGV International)展出,门票资讯请浏览NGV的网站NGV. MELBOURNE。

工作室:Viktor & Rolf(儿童限定)将于10月21日至2月26日在墨尔本180号St Kilda路维多利亚国家美术馆国际馆(NGV International)免费展出。



ARTS011723_RGB.jpgThe exhibit will highlight intricate floral dresses with skirts spanning nearly two meters inspired by the much admired Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. You will definitely not miss the one of its kind dress fixed with nearly 250 bows Princess Mabel of the Netherland’s royal wedding dress. Focusing the theme on the Old Master paintings, the event will also include masterly designs made from gold-framed of Classic paintings. What may be a quirky idea, instead of real life-sized models, there will also be Dutch porcelain dolls dressed in miniature couture on display.

展览会将突出一件近两米长的复杂花裙子,以近250张蝴蝶结点缀而成的荷兰玛贝尔王妃(Princess Mabel)皇家婚纱礼服之一,受到著名荷兰画家梵高的启发创作。主题焦点集中在经典大师画作上,包括由金框架经典绘画制成的时装设计。无限可能性的古怪想法,除了现实体型的模型,尚有荷兰瓷娃娃穿着微型时装展出。

Effortless Inspired 创想翱翔

Fashion and Lifestyle trends in today’s fast-paced, instant-connected world are in a constant flux. Shifting and simultaneously changing according to season, Schwarzkopf Professional, one of the world’s top hair fashion trendsetters, adapts the ever-changing scene taking inspiration from international fashion runways, social elite and the A-listers appearing on the front row seats at private events and fashion shows. While the Autumn/Winter season of 2016 signifies yet another iconic time in the fashion world, it is a time where personal fashion statement meets exquisite tastes.

“Trends today reflect how our society is evolving and the way we actually live,” said Simon Ellis, International Creative Director of Schwarzkopf Professional.”

Schwarzkopf Professional’s ESSENTIAL LOOKS Flex Collection 02/2016 for this season includes GENDERLESS that pays tribute to the appearance of gender-neutral clothing and hair styling; ATHLEISURE that took inspiration from the urban Sports Luxe trend and lastly, KOOLBLOND’s effortless cool of the Scandic ice-blondes.



“今日的时尚潮流体现出时下社会的演变过程,以及我们现实生活中的生存之道,”Schwarzkopf Professional国际创意总监Simon Ellis表示。”

Schwarzkopf Professional今季呈献的ESSENTIAL LOOKS Flex系列02/2016,关键设计包括向中性服扮与发型致敬的GENDERLESS;灵感撷自都市奢华运动风的ATHLEISURE,以及北欧冰雪白境的KOOLBLOND。

200 Years Of Australian Fashion 澳大利亚200年时尚巨献

The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia in Federation Square presents 200 Years of Australian Fashion where over 120 works from more than 90 designers showcasing the work of contemporary designs including exquisite historical design.

Claimed to be the first major survey of Australian fashion to be undertaken in this country, a diverse range of programs for this exhibition including opening weekend pop-up design talks and a symposium exploring the question, what is Australian fashion?

Curators, designers, practitioners and academics will actively engage audiences in programs throughout the exhibition period including design talks, curator’s perspectives, designer-led workshops, a discussion series and intimate behind the scenes: Fashion Collection sessions.



Works of contemporary designers such as Dion Lee, Ellery, Romance Was Born and Toni Maticevski are some of the famous names participating.

The exhibition also includes multimedia footage and interviews, photographs and works on paper. A fully-illustrated catalogue accompanies the exhibition.



Porsche Design … for those whose unobtrusive, smart-casual style demonstrates their confidence in all situations.

Impeccably tailored and intuitively finished, the fashion creations of the house of Porsche Design prove that fashion can be serious and visually arresting at the same time.

Porsche Design, which recently unveiled its Fall / Winter 2016 collection at the Berlin Fashion Week, has managed to find the perfect harmony of formal elegance with hip coolness. The result is a sophisticated collection of menswear perfectly styled for the urbane traveller.

The highlight of the collection was the zip-out blazers made from easily removable integrated light down that allows its wearer to adjust the blazer to suit different climates. It is ingenious design functionalities like this and the use of innovative and responsive fabrics that make Porsche Design a leader in the men’s premium fashion segment. Strategically positioned colour and structural elements in its fashion-forward creations reminisce of motor sport and genetically connect Porsche the fashion house to Porsche the automotive behemoth.





Porsche Design Show FW 2016 Fashion Presentation

Porsche Design Show FW 2016 Fashion Presentation

Porsche Design Show FW 2016 Fashion Presentation

Porsche Design Show FW 2016 Fashion Presentation

Porsche Design Show FW 2016 Fashion Presentation

Porsche Design Show FW 2016 Fashion Presentation

Porsche Design Show FW 2016 Fashion Presentation

Porsche Design Show FW 2016 Fashion Presentation

Porsche Design Show FW 2016 Fashion Presentation

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