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I AM IN EZ 我在御智


Prominent and influential Australians selected for the covers of EZ Australia were all again featured in the ‘I AM in EZ’ exhibition at SpACE@Collins.

200 invited guests attended the opening ceremony where Guest of Honour Jason Yeap, who also happened to be on the main cover of the first edition of this magazine spoke briefly acknowledging the hard work of CHTNetwork and the importance of EZ Australia to the Australian society. ‘I AM in EZ’ is an exhibition of photography works by award winning Layzhoz Yeap, the chief photographer of EZ Malaysia and Australia. Some of the featured personalities were Rupert Myer, Nicole Chow, Susan Alberti, Ken Ong, Luke Stambolis and Paul Webber. EZ Australia is not only in print but also in digital and social media platforms with a traffic reach of more than

1.5 million. Guests that night were served with a lovely wine from the Greenstone Winery together with a spread of beautiful finger food.


一场别开生面的“我在御智-I AM in EZ”人物志展览会在墨尔本 Space@Collins 展开,再次精挑细选汇集了澳大利亚知名和具备影响力的封面人物。200名受邀嘉宾出席了开幕式,其中杂志初版封面人物的叶绍礼(Jason Yeap)也作为荣誉嘉宾出席活动。他认证与肯定了 CHTNetwork 团队的辛勤工作以及《御智澳大利亚》对当地社会的重要性。

“我在御智”是一个摄影作品展览,由国际获奖的摄影师叶丽萍(Layzhoz Yeap)掌镜,她同时也是《御智马来西亚》和《御智澳大利亚》的首席摄影师。其中政商界名人如 Rupert Myer、Nicole Chow、 Susan Alberti、Ken Ong、Luke Stambolis 与 Paul Webber 也应邀出席。《御智澳大利亚》不仅是以杂志印刷品形式存在,在网络和社交媒体平台上也有超过150万的点击流量。当晚的宾客们品尝了来自 Greenstone Winery 的美妙葡萄酒,还有许多精致的点心。

Lay Peng 4_Crop.jpg

“Photography, to me, is a valuable and powerful visual communicator that explain better than words.”

– Layzhoz Yeap 寻翼竹•叶

Connect CHT in Melbourne 在墨尔本

CHTNetwork hosted an exclusive sit down dinner in SpACE@Collins in conjunction with the photography exhibition ‘I AM in EZ’. Close associates and good friends were invited to meet and greet which is in line with the underlying motto of CHTNetwork…Where All Good Things in Life Meet, Connecting Beautiful People and Promoting Quality Products. Wine served during the night was from Greenstone Winery.

CHTNetwork 在 SpACE@Collins 举办了一场独家正式晚宴,作为 “我在御智-I AM in EZ” 摄影展的延伸交流。而与合作伙伴、好友们会面交融完全符合的 CHTNetwork 的主旨-连接生活中的一切美好事物……联系美丽的人,还有推进高质量产品。当晚的美酒来自Greenstone Winery。


Gucci’s Touch of Renaissance 文艺复兴的触动

gucci-decor-Incense Holder 02.jpg
Herbarium Bee Incense Burner
The incense burner is designed as a small round dish,featuring Gucci’s Herbarium motif – a whimsical Toile de Jouy design of cherry branches, leaves and flowers, inspired by a vintage fabric. The center bee, a historical Gucci code taken from the ’70s archives, has a small opening to hold an incense stick.

If you are not already a fan of Alessandro Michele then you will be now. Gucci’s designs are going for a thorough rebrand with the launch of its latest line of décor in the fall. Featuring illustrations by Alex Merry Art, Gucci’s Décor collection now highlights signature motifs to wooden chairs, throw pillows and scented candles adorned by metal trays, folding tables, and a range of wallpapers in fabrics like silk, vinyl and paper. The porcelain pieces are produced by Richard Ginori, a Florentine company founded in 1735.

gucci-decor-Metal Folding Side-Table.jpg
Tigers Print Metal Folding Table
The metal folding table features a round tray printed with a tigers print. The energy of the tiger – a powerful creature – is captured in various ways throughout the collections. Here, the image is layered together to create an abstract effect. Set atop three legs, the table can be folded and features a ring at the top to hang.


gucci-decor-Porcelain Plate 01.jpg
Tiger round small metal tray
The image of the powerful creature – often associated with strength and bravery – is featured throughout the collections in a variety of depictions and has become a symbol of the House.
gucci-decor-Decorative Folding Screen 01.jpg
Octopus Three Panel Screen
The paneled screen features a sea creature jacquard depicting octopus and jellyfish. Designed to serve as an accent piece or a room divider, the screen is equipped with hinges that allow its width to be adjusted by closing or opening each panel.
gucci-decor-Pillow 05.jpg
Velvet Cushion with Embroidery
The pillow in plush velvet is embroidered with an icon of the House – flanked by clusters of flowers. Each pillow is filled by hand, sewn and edged with hand-applied fringe silk trim.
Chiavari Chair With Embroidered Tiger
The Chiavari chair is crafted from wood with a lacquered peacock blue finish. The plush velvet upholstery is embroidered with wreaths of flowers and a tiger head. The embroidery is created using a needlepoint technique – tracing its roots back thousands of years, it was predominant in the 17th century, an era that has influenced the House’s aesthetic.
The intricate motifs are embroidered and then hand-applied, a process that takes approximately 10 hours to complete. Brass nail heads detail the edges of the cushion.

The collection will officially debut in September and will be available via its official website at They have yet to reveal the pricing, but for mega-fans of the brand, no number is too great to have a room empowered by Gucci’s designs. The scents for the candles and incense are concoctions of damask rose, intense birch, orange leaves and beeswax, tomato leaves, long grass peppered with basil and lemongrass and lastly infusion of jasmine, leather and salt.

04-gucci-home-decor-launch-llustration by Alex Merry
Rooster mug
A collection of mugs is embellished with motifs of the House.
The Richard Ginori porcelain coffee mug with lid is topped with a rooster, one of the many animal motifs that have become synonymous with the House.
05-gucci-home-decor-launch-llustration by Alex Merry
Fumus, Star Eye candle
A collection of scented candles is embellished with motifs inspired by the House aesthetic. A blend of wax infused with aromatic extracts and essential oils is presented in blue Richard Ginori porcelain featuring the Star Eye motif. The hand holding a ring, a recurring design seen throughout the collection, decorates the top of the lid. The scent, Fumus, captures the dark and intense fragrance of birch, combined with bright notes of orange leaves and beeswax – aromas that would have filled an artisan’s Florentine workshop.


House of Amber opens 1st Flagship Store in Penang, Malaysia 国际琥珀品牌 House of Amber 首家旗舰店隆重於槟城登场

Amber, a natural object d’art with more than 30 million years of history and tradition is the Nordic gold that originated from Denmark.

HOA 141
Regina Kweh Director, Co-owner of House of Amber, Malaysia
HOA 143
Lars Bladt
HOA 155
Lio Chee Yeong
HOA 159 copy
YB Danny Law

Established since 1933, House of Amber has since expanded the Danish fairy tale in China, Macao, Hong Kong, Dubai, USA, Sweden and now Malaysia. Its flagship store for Malaysia has recently opened its doors on Penang Island and represents the first House of Amber in Southeast Asia. Its collections consist of designs of pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and brooches, cufflinks and tie bars specially made for both gender.

The official grand opening saw the attendance of specially invited guests, tour representatives, Tour Guide Association members, as well as the Honorable YB Danny Law, YB Yap Soo Huey, Lio Chee Yeong (Representative of Royal Danish Consulate, Lars Bladt (Ceo & Co-Owner of House of Amber Group) , Chin Poh Chin (President of PTGA).

源于丹麦的北欧宝石琥珀是超逾 3000 万年的历史和传统的天然物质艺术。自 1933 年创立以来,国际琥珀品牌 House of Amber 首家旗舰店隆重於槟城登场,扩展到中国、澳门、香港、迪拜、美国,瑞典直至马来西亚,延续优美的丹麦童话。而首家马来西亚旗舰店最近在槟城隆重登场,成为东南亚区域第一家琥珀屋。其中创作系列包括专门量身定做的吊坠、项链、手镯、戒指、耳环、胸针,袖扣与领夹。这项盛大开幕仪式迎来了特邀嘉宾、旅游业代表和导游协会成员,包括尊敬的槟州旅游发展委员会主席罗兴强行政议员,叶舒惠州议员,丹麦皇家领事馆荣誉领事刘志荣大律师,House Of Amber 集团的首席执行员兼合伙人 Lars Bladt 和槟城导游协会主席陈宝真等。

House of Amber_Copenhagen Amber Museum.jpg

Malaysia’s Top Brands in Hong Kong 马来西亚顶级品牌到访香港


Malaysia’s oldest sesame oil brand Ghee Hiang together with Hung Chun soy sauce organized a meet and greet session with the media in Kim’s Kitchen Hong Kong. Purpose was to introduce Ghee Hiang 100% pure high quality sesame oil and Popo soy sauce to the local food bloggers and influentials. Among the guests were Kin’s Kitchen owner and famous food writer Lau Kin Wai and Jack Ting from Telford. This program was made possible by Ichi Media.


马来西亚历史最悠久的品牌义香麻油和恒珍酱油在留家厨房(Kin ‘s Kitchen)举行了一次隆重的媒体见面会。目的是将100%纯正高品质的义香麻油和宝宝酱油推广至具备影响力的当地美食网络传媒与各界。现场来宾包括留家厨房创始人兼著名美食作家刘建威和来自 Telford 的 Jack Ting。这项见面会是由毅际媒体所策划。

Cease The Appetizers 惊叹不息创意小食

“A must-try for guests seeking nostalgia for food from the by-gone era, the Signature Home-Made Spring Roll, fried to perfection, oozes oriental flavours…”


Maple Palace opens the year showcasing some of its prized trinkets of Asian flavoured appetizers. A must-try for guests seeking nostalgia for food from the by-gone era, the Signature Home-Made Spring Roll, fried to perfection, oozes oriental flavours and represents the saving armor of a traditional house such as Maple Palace. The abundance of seafood made available on this island is apparent on the menu presented to us. Favourites among customers include the Deep Fried Silver Fish with Salt and Pepper, Cheese Baked Scallop and Chilled Black Fungus with Black Vinegar. Adding a touch of Asian flavours, the Stuffed Prawn Ball with Dried Oyster & Salted Egg Yolk and Sesame Chicken Boxing with BBQ Sauce are the tasteful fusion of the eastern continent. For those who yearn for some spice go for the Cauliflower Florets with Chilli Sauce.

August 2017 - 18.jpgAugust 2017 - 04.jpg

开年伊始,美宝阁 (Maple Palace) 再次展示了一些亚洲风味的精致创意小食。对于那些拥有怀旧情结的食客来说,这是一个必去之处,油炸至完美极致的招牌蟹肉春卷,散发出浓郁的东方韵味,这也捍卫了美宝阁作为传统经典菜肴堡垒的声誉。至于槟岛丰富品种的海鲜也在菜单占据重要的一席之地,比如备受食客欢迎的 “椒盐白饭鱼”,“芝士焗扇贝” 和 “凉拌陈醋云耳”。而添加了亚洲风情色彩的如 “合宝环珠”,这是酿虾球与蚝干加咸蛋黄的独特菜式,至于 “芝麻烧汁铁公鸡” 是东方大陆的美味融合。对于喜爱香酥口感的人们来说,酥炸椰菜花配搭辣椒蘸酱是首选。

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 4.23.14 PM

Having Ultimate Fun at Universal Studios Japan 日本大阪环球影城

By Oo Lean Hooi

MWP_sub6.jpgMinions Mayhem Snow Party-edit.jpg

Travel to Osaka is not complete without making a trip to Universal Studios Japan (USJ). The world’s largest Minions Area and The Wizarding World of Harry PotterTM are the two unique attractions that draw the crowd from far and near to experience the USJ fun and magic moment.

The main feature of Universal Summer Festival are the Minion Hacha-mecha Snow Party and Minion Water Surprise Parade. You can dance with the Minions during the snow party or splash around when the water surprise parade passes by to enjoy real summer fun.

The Wizarding World of Harry PotterTM is a must-visit theme park, especially for Harry Potter fans. When you first step into the iconic Hogwarts castle and Hogsmeade village, you step inside a world where magic is real and you can also experience the 4K3D technology of unparalleled realism.

USJ Halloween event is one of the region’s most anticipated events. This year USJ will bring to its visitors the scariest-ever Halloween Horror Night. 20 different types of the living dead – the widest variety of zombies ready to come out on the street and “attack” people. Scare-addicts, this is the event of the year you’ve been waiting for.

night_party_main-edit.jpg每当夏季到来,USJ 就会为粉丝们准备超级精彩且会陷入疯狂的 Summer Fun,今年夏日活动就有小小兵陪伴大家欢度夏日假期,其中最让人期待就是“小小兵雪花疯狂派对”与“小小兵水花惊喜游行”,与小小兵一起展开泼水乐。

哈利波特的魔法世界是强烈推荐一定要到达的,尤其是哈迷们,不管排多长的队伍都一定要想法子进入霍格沃茨城堡,跟哈利与他的伙伴体验禁忌之旅,这项游乐设施以4K3D 最新技术进化,完全是真实体验与哈利一起追“金探子”。

从9月8日起,日本环球影城也配合年度万圣节推出期间限定的“环球惊喜万圣节与惊魂夜”,白天有变装游行、不给糖就捣蛋活动,最刺激就是夜晚的高达 20 种街头僵尸出没。想想,没有胆量还真的没有勇气入园区。


首次出现在大阪环球影城万圣节有“亡者森林”,游客会在影城全区面对僵尸们的对峙,体会生死瞬间的战栗感。还有“创伤 3 恐怖监禁实验室”,你会走进史上最长,没有出口的恐怖馆。还有备受喜爱的“鬼娃恰吉”、“半夜鬼上床迷宫3”、“大法师-除魔行馆”、“贞子-被诅咒的游乐设施”、“学校怪谈”,单听这些设施名字,爱挑战恐怖的你真的不可错过。当然,所有活动时间及地点,还是要以日本环球影城的公告为主。

Special thanks to Universal Studios Japan and APPLE Vacations

Aloft Taipei 台北中山雅乐轩酒店

alf4361ex-186060-Hotel Exterior Night View-High.jpg

First Aloft Hotel in Taipei, brings Vibrant Social Scene in the Buzzing City.
台湾第一间Aloft Taipei雅乐轩酒店,为台北注入活力新潮流。

By Oo Lean Hooi

Under the big name of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc (NYSE: HOT), Aloft Taipei as the very first Aloft Hotel in Taiwan, and the 10th Hotel in Greater China is designed to meet the need of global travelers.

As the leader in the international Specialty Select Brands in hospitality industry, Aloft Brands is ideally positioned to meet the needs of the next generation of traveler. Aloft Taipei offers comfortable loft inspired rooms and a vibrant social scene, all in a modern tech-savvy environment.

The stunning exterior of Aloft Taipei Zhongshan had been designed by renowned architect T.D. Lee featuring 88 breezy & cozy rooms, an urban design aesthetic, live music performances, and a buzzing social scene.

alf4361re-186984-W XYZ Bar counter-High.jpg

Located in the Zhongshan District of Taipei, the hotel is less than 10 minutes by car from Taipei Songshan Airport and less than 5 minutes on foot from the closest Taipei Metro Station. Besides, the hotel also offers easy access to the city’s numerous iconic attractions and close to a variety of theaters, local craft shops and night markets.

With tech-forward millennials in mind, the hotel offers brand signatures such as SPG® keyless, ultra-comfortable plush signature bed, custom amenities by Bliss® SPA.

Not to miss it, Aloft Taipei Zhongshan will also showcase up-and-coming music talent in its W XYZSM bar as part of its signature “Live at Aloft Hotels” events that happen around the world. During daytime, W XYZSM will serve international buffet breakfast, and transform into a hip bar by night.

alf4361gb-185892-Guest Room Bathtub-Highalf4361gr-185891-Aloft Room-High

在吉隆坡入住过 Aloft Kuala Lumpur,对这间酒店创新概念颇为喜欢,不管是设计、音乐、科技或软硬设施,都让我深感满意。今年的台北行,特地选择入住台湾第1间, 亚太第 10 间的 Aloft Taipei 。

从品牌创立至今,Aloft 已经在酒店业开创了许多突破性的里程碑,包括推出全球第一「Botlr」机器人管家、第一个用手机取代房卡的SPG® 智慧入住、以及用手机的表情贴图即可点客房餐饮等创举。



酒店拥有 88 间设计新颖的客房,均配有蓝芽门锁,用手机的 SPG®应用程序即可开启房门。此外,客房内皆配有英国斯林百兰 Slumberland 的舒适睡床、Bliss® 的沐浴备品,且更配置 88 幅来自台湾在地新锐艺术家的创作品装置艺术。

Aloft Taipei 酒店招牌 W XYZSM 吧位于酒店最高楼层,除了是时尚男女们的最佳约会地点,更将举办一系列「乐动雅乐轩 (Live@Aloft Hotels) 全球音乐活动,展现雅乐轩与生俱来的,充满活力的品牌特色。