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An Eye For Style & Philanthropy 时尚与慈善的聚焦点

Datin Caroline Wong.pngDatin Caroline Wong

Ambassador of International Ipoh Fashion Week

“It should be a common objective for every woman to look beautiful and healthy. I love to sing and dance, and that keeps me alive and energetic”

A philanthropic spirit curb more generosities within the human heart than you can ever imagine exist. Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give” is a true and honest expression whose statement many would agree. The conception of this virtue for ‘love of mankind’, whether in big or small ways, speak of only kindness and love; an effort of walking the talk.

When the EZ Malaysia team first met Datin Caroline Wong, her smile exuded a generous and warm charisma – “a personality we all wish would come naturally to us”. Caroline’s passion for giving a hand is never far away. And throughout the years, her charitable efforts surrounding the Ipoh valley did not go unnoticed. Her regular appearance, many times in the name of friendship, naturally became philanthropic efforts and pride to many who know her. A dedicated mother from the start, she threw herself into motherhood and was actively supporting the interests of her children. These initial involvement were the start of a life-long support for many Perak swimming meets.

Coupled with her love for dressing up, she takes on stylish roles for many charity organisations, beauty pageants, and was most notable for her ambassadorship for Ipoh’s very first edition of the International IPOH Fashion Week (IIFW™) in 2017. She worked closely with Louis Sebastion, CEO of IIFW and its board members at the paediatric cancer care unit at Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun in Ipoh with the objective of connecting humanity through fashion.

The mother of three is proud of her Ipoh roots and carries that pride wherever she goes. As a public figure, her appearance shows her love for style and beauty seen in her carefully chosen attire for every occasion. “It should be a common objective for every woman to look beautiful and healthy. I love to sing and dance, and that keeps me alive and energetic”, said Datin Caroline. Her adoration for colour is also seen in her vibrant selections of attire – always respectful to herself and the host who’d invited her.     

She now splits her time between maintaining a healthy lifestyle, helping those in need and as a pillar of support to her family.

Datin Caroline Wong_3.jpg

Datin Caroline Wong, as an ambassador for The International Ipoh Fashion Week Gala Dinner 2017 in Ipoh Syeun Hotel Ballroom.


博爱精神让人类内心比想象中更慷慨激昂的情感有了节制。英国著名政治家 Winston Churchill 曾说过:我们靠得到的东西谋生,我们靠给予的东西生活。相信大部分人都认同,这是一种真实、纯粹的表达。这种美德对“人类的爱”的概念,无论事物的大小,信奉慈悲仁爱;努力实践所说的。

当《御智马来西亚》采访队第一次与 Caroline Wong 面对面时,她的微笑散发出一种慷慨而温暖的魅力—“我们都希望自己能自然而然地拥有这样的个性”。而她对伸出援手的热情从未冷却。多年来,她在怡保周边进行的慈善活动并没有被忽视,而她经常以友谊的名义出现,成就了许多认识她的人的慈善事业和影响力。


而且由于 Caroline 的衣着打扮时尚,她在时尚界所扮演的慈善角色更是多彩多姿,最著名的是2017年第一届怡保国际时装周(IIFW™),她作为盛会的大使参与其中。她与 IIFW 的首席执行官Louis Sebastion -同时是位于怡保的 Raja Permaisuri Bainun 医院儿科癌症护理部门的董事会成员密切合作,目的是透过时尚将社群联系起来。




Datin Caroline Wong_2.png
Hospital interviewing the Paediatric Cancel Patient in Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun Ipoh.



Small But Mighty 微小却强势

Wayne Lim.pngWayne Lim

Group CEO of Malaysia SME

Group CEO/Group Chief Editor of MALAYSIA SME® Media Group

Founder & Chief Facilitator of Qŭ Exchange

Within 3 years Wayne propelled the group from being the publisher of a single SME directory to becoming an established SME media corporation in Malaysia.

Wayne Lim has been actively involved with the SME community for over 24 years. His involvement with the SME community began when he was attached to a Singapore PLC. There he started the SMI Business Directory with the SMI Association of Malaysia in 2001 and ever since, he has been deeply involved in the business of SMEs.

He founded the MALAYSIA SME® media group in 2005 and subsequently conceptualised the MALAYSIA SME® media brand. Within 3 years he propelled the group from being the publisher of a single SME directory to becoming an established SME media corporation in Malaysia.

In the course of his business endeavours, he has always kept abreast and connected to the SME community; along which, he acquired in-depth understanding of their trends and challenges. He regularly champions for SMEs to be recognised and assisted on a level playing field with large corporations.

On September 9, 2017, he launched Qŭ Exchange, a Fintech set-up that helps to solve and improve SME’s temporary cash flow. It is an online marketplace that facilitates the trading of business products & services with the use of Qŭ Point (QŭP), a SME currency.

When he is not thinking and ‘breathing’ SMEs, he is passionately engrossed in the game of football; Wayne is an avid football fan and a FAM certified football coach.

Wayne Lim_2

Wayne Lim_4
Annual event for MALAYSIA SME Congress 2017 at Muar Johor.


林明财 (Wayne Lim) 积极参与中小企业社区活动已经逾 24 年。他是在加入一家新加坡公司后,开始涉足中小型企业。2001年,他与马来西亚中小型企业公会共同创办了 SMI 企业名录,不间断对于企业经营进行更深入的运筹帷幄。

自 2005 年他创立了马来西亚中小型企业®媒体集团 (MALAYSIA SME® media brand),随后概念化马来西亚中小型企业®媒体品牌。在3年内,他推动集团从单一的中小型企业名录出版商,成为马来西亚一家有口皆碑的中小型企业媒体公司。


2017年9月9日,他创办取换思维 (Qŭ Exchange) 的金融科技,以这种方式协助解决和改善中小企业的临时资金流动问题。这个线上交易市场,也提倡业务产品和服务使用 Qŭ Point (QŭP),一个属于中小型企业的融资机制。


Wayne Lim_3.jpg

Living The Dream 活出真我 

Michael Deeb.pngMichael Deeb


“We should always appreciate that good fortune and success does not make us better or more deserving than anyone else.”

Exactly seven years ago, Michael Deeb, left the corporate world in a bold move to live a full life with his family and pursue his passion for photography and travelling. He was only 57 years old; but he had decided it was time that he left his jet-setting corporate life behind to start another adventure. This time with a focus on quality of life.

“I guess it was time to focus on some “me” time,” he said. Now 64, with homes on four continents, Deeb has settled comfortably into a new lifestyle which includes going to the market with his wife, taking his two children to school, cruising on their yacht and photography. “I retook to the skies travelling this time with my family but I replaced my briefcase with my cameras,” he said. The family spends three to four months travelling each year and Deeb has been to more than 400 destinations worldwide.

Deeb previously held five CEO positions various sectors and founded two companies. He had devoted most of his adult life to working 16-hour days and travelling.This left little time for a social life and as a consequence, friendships suffered. “When you are taking 100 flights each year, friends simply stop calling you as you are never around,” he explained.

Michael Deeb & Family.png

“There is a time for everything and I have no regrets making the change. If anything, I wish I did it sooner.”

“I was moving at an exhilarating pace. So, when I finally hit the stop button, the silence was deafening,” Deeb says. “It took me nine months to plot out a different course and transition fully to a new mindset,” he said. He started to enjoy the joys of being a parent for the first time.”There is a time for everything and I have no regrets making the change. If anything, I wish I did it sooner,” he said.

Today, he still sits on the boards of some companies in a non-executive role with an investment portfolio to manage. He also has a dedicated 4,000 sq. ft. personal studio where he focuses on portraiture, fashion and travel.

Deeb believes that one should always treat others how they wish to be treated themselves. “We should always appreciate that good fortune and success does not make us better or more deserving than anyone else,” he said.

Michael Deeb_fashion.png


七年前, Michael Deeb 做了一个大胆的抉择:抽身离开企业界,长时间陪伴家人,并全情投入自身热爱的摄影和旅行。他只有 57岁,但已经决定脱离全职公司工作生涯,开始人生另一场冒险,而这一次的重点是落在提升生活质量。

“这是时候聚焦在“我”个人生活。现年64岁的他以四大洲为家,舒适地融入了全新的生活方式。其中包括与妻子一起去菜市场,送两名孩子去上学,周旋于游艇巡航和摄影活动。“这次我带着家人重新航行,但我用相机代替了公文包。”这个家庭每年要花3到4个月的时间在旅程中,他的足迹已经走遍全球超过 400 个风光名胜。

Michael Deeb 此前曾担任过5家公司的首席执行员,并创立了两家公司。他成年后一天长达16个小时在工作并航行,社交空间受限,也让生活中的交友情况受到影响。他解释说,当你每年乘坐高达 100 次飞机时,朋友们就不会再给你打电话,因为你根本就不能在他们身边。

Michael Deeb_Venice.png



如今,他仍在一些公司的董事会中担任非执行职务,负责管理投资组合。他还拥有一个专属的 4000 平方英尺的空间作为个人工作室,专注于肖像画,时尚和旅行。


Michael Deeb_photograph1.png

Auctioning With Pride 拍卖的自豪心

Stephen Soon.pngStephen Soon

Managing Director of MNP Auctioneers

“My life revolved around real estate as my investments in properties and auction events have always been about properties for many years.”

For all of us, there’s a first time for everything and usually, this first time is an experience that we will never forget.

For Stephen Soon, it was his first time to become the youngest auctioning company owner when he started MNP Auctioneers (Central) in 2004.

Soon foresaw where his career path would lead him to when he was inspired by his father’s good friend who presented him with a unique English wooden hammer that he used for several years as an auctioneer.

Stephen Soon_2.png

“It’s about having strong core values to be trustworthy and reliable. It’s also having a great team as we operate on a rather lean capacity, we keep things transparent and recognise and reward the hard work of our employees.”

“His name was Mohd. Hussain Ibrahim and I am forever grateful to him as he encouraged me to pursue this profession. He became my mentor and guided me through the process to obtain my license, and it’s led to where I am now in MNP” recalled Soon who comes from a background in IT, banking and real estate.

MNP operates as a one-stop shop solution for all auction-related services such as pre-sales to marketing which works to promote the sale and disposal of movable and immovable assets by competitive bidding.

“My life revolved around real estate as my investments in properties and auction events have always been about properties for many years.” said Soon a graduate of Victoria University in the Bachelor of Business in Commercial Law.

The hammer that Mohd. Hussain gave to him represented many other things: honour and truth.

“An auctioneer is a sacred profession and practices the highest standard of professionalism through conducting an open, fair and transparent bidding process,” explained Soon, who’s also held the position of Chairman of the Penang Auctioneers Association for nine years.

Since he started the business almost 15 years ago, it was named as the top 50 Enterprise Malaysia Gold Award winners in 2011, National Mark of Malaysian Brand Award Winner (by SMECorp & SIRIM) in 2015 and received the award from the Best Standard Chartered Bank Panel of Auctioneers 2009 and 2015, to name a few.
When asked about the secret to his success, he said: “It’s about having strong core values to be trustworthy and reliable. It’s also having a great team as we operate on a rather lean capacity, we keep things transparent and recognise and reward the hard work of our employees,” said Soon.

Stephen Soon_Auction.png


对于所有人来说,通常第一次是我们永远铭记的经历。而对孙子珑 (Stephen Soon) 来说,第一次是他在2004年创办MNP拍卖(中央)有限公司 – MNP Auctioneers (Central),成为行业历史上最年轻的拍卖公司经营者。



“我永远感激父亲的好友 Mohd. Hussain Ibrahim,因为是他鼓励我从事这个行业。他成为了我的伯乐和导师,引领我顺利通过程序和取得执照,也让我有今天在 MNP 的位置。”他本身涉猎的背景包括 IT 科技、银行和房地产领域。

MNP 进行一切与拍卖相关的业务,并提供一站式的解决方案。如预售、营销等,通过竞争性招标,推进所有动产和不动产的销售和处置。

“我的生活一直都围绕着房地产展开,因为我除了房地产投资,在拍卖项目皆与房地产有关联。”他拥有维多利亚大学商法学士学位。Mohd. Hussain Ibrahim 的木锤给与了许多更深层的东西:荣誉和真理。


自约 15 年前 MNP 开展公司业务后,除了获得2011 年马来西亚 50 强企业的金奖,2015 年马来西亚全国品牌奖 (由 SMECorp & SIRIM 颁发),2009 年与 2015 年荣获渣打银行最佳拍卖咨询团等等。


By Karina Foo

Joie De Vivre 乐享人生

Nelson Chew.pngNelson Chew

Executive Director of Pensonic Holdings Bhd

Being sad or happy is a state of mind, and we always have the right to choose whether we want to spend our days feeling down in the dumps or happy as a lark.

A Google search on Nelson Chew of Pensonic Holdings Bhd, yielded more than ten webpages of remarkable content and images. The scion of the Pensonic empire, Chew is the second generation and youngest of the three sons of Dato’ Sri Chew Weng Khak, founder of the homegrown Penang-flavoured success story.

Often seen in the company of celebrities and socialites, Chew junior is a tour de force in the boardroom and among corporate echelons. This flamboyant Executive Director of Pensonic summarises, “Although we brothers share many roles together, my main responsibilities are leading the brand management, communications, market research, customer service and exports.”

The journey from Keat Radio to the multi-conglomerate Pensonic, was not always easy and filled with stark realities. “We lived above our retail shop where we had the opportunity to interact with customers. I remember answering phone calls and issuing cash bills even at a very young age.”

Although not purpose-built for Pensonic, the three Chew brothers always knew their destinies. “We were lucky enough to be given the freedom to select our majors. However, we always understood that our father wanted us to be in the business that he has created.”

The one thing I learned from my folks is to be a trustworthy and reputable person. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Walk the talk.

With friends the likes of Alan Yun and Amber Chia, it is hard to pin down a favourite celebrity. “Would it be too cliché if I say my favourite star is my dad, the founder of Pensonic? I see a trustworthy, hardworking, humble and very sharp person. A 30-minute conversation with him will give me the knowledge that’ll probably take me weeks to learn.”

Pensonic is dedicated to ‘Your Enjoyment’. As the corporate motto goes, Chew’s joie de vivre is infectious. “I bring my personal element of fun into whatever I do. Even selling kitchen appliances or refrigerators can be fun. If you make your work enjoyable, every moment will be good. In a nutshell, my whole life feels like a hobby.”

Pearls of wisdom from this inspiring individual come in spades. “Never be afraid to fail or lose. You need to work twice as hard for everything, focus and do more than others. Rewards will come in due time.”

Nelson Chew_1.jpg


如果用谷歌搜索遍视利控股有限公司 (Pensonic Holdings Bhd) 的周俊方 (Nelson Chew),将会发现逾10个网页中非同凡响的内容和图片。除了身为 Pensonic 王朝的后裔,并且作为槟城发家、成功故事创始者拿督斯里周荣吉的第二代,也是后者三名儿子中的幼子。


从父亲初始开创的 Keat Radio 到现今多元化的遍视利,这段旅程并非一帆风顺,其中也充斥着严峻的现实。“我们一直生活在零售店里,所以与顾客的互动非常多。我记得在很小的时候,就已经学会接电话和开现






By Billie Ooi-Ng Lean Gaik

Capturing Elasticity 百折不挠 

Teoh Han Chuan.png

Teoh Han Chuan
Co-founder & Managing Director of Elianware

“I was a very smart kid and placed top three during my primary school days and since then my ambition has always been to become a businessman.”

 Cramped in a wooden hut, became a problem student during his teenage years and slept on the streets just on some newspaper were some of the fond memories of Teoh Han Chuan when he shared his life story with EZ Malaysia. Today he sits as the deputy managing director of a listed company SWS Capital Berhad.

“I was a very smart kid and placed top three during my primary school days and since then my ambition has always been to become a businessman.“ said Teoh. He was from a very poor family who lived in a small wooden hut. Thus, he opined that only by being a businessman could he make a lot of money and provide for a better life. However, his grades went from excellent to horrible when he was in secondary school and he eventually became a problem student. “Maybe it was because I was ashamed of my situation where my mother worked as a washerwoman and the uniforms I wore were from thrown aways with only my school badge added on.” he said. After Form Five, Teoh left for Singapore where he spent the first few days sleeping in the streets. Initially it was difficult, but as he recalled, it was actually an important turning point in his life that led to a fresh start.

Some years later, Teoh returned to Penang and took up a salesman job in a plastic manufacturing company. He had to travel everywhere, whether to big cities or kampungs. It was the beginning of his love affair with plastic. Perhaps the other milestone in Teoh’s endeavor was when Heng Sew Hua offered him a partnership to start a new company. Initially he hesitated. He went to his immediate boss to ask for a raise instead but the answer he received woke him up and reminded him of his dream of becoming a businessman. “My boss told me that as a worker, I had no right to ask for a raise. Then he later went on to remind me that the economy was not that good and I might not get another job with such salary.” Teoh said he would not have had such an achievement today if his former boss had not push him over the cliff. “Although I left and started a plastic manufacturing company, I did not produce the same items and in fact I continued to help in his sales for the first few months until his new salesman was stable.” he continued.

Teoh Han Chuan_.jpg

“The market in Malaysia is competitive and as we are gaining local consumers’ confidence, I told myself why only Malaysia when the world is so big?”

Teoh became a businessman in 1993 fulfilling his childhood dream. When Ee-Lian Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated. Some years later, his business expanded from a little shop house in Penang island to acquiring land in Bukit Minyak Industrial Park. He was quick to understand that the plastic industry was very competitive and most, if not all, manufacturers were trying to capture the market through fierce price wars. Having much experience in sales, Teoh was very focused in creating his own brand, a trusted brand that would convince customers to purchase good quality plastic wares and not cheap productions. Furthermore, he put in efforts in researching and developing more interesting items that consumers would find useful, also Ee-Lian Enterprise was the very first company to participate in exhibitions overseas. “The market in Malaysia is competitive and as we are gaining local consumers’ confidence, I asked myself why only Malaysia when the world is so big?” It was a well planned strategy and today Eelianware can be found in over 30 countries. But for Teoh, this is only an appetizer and the main course is yet to come.

Fascinated with what plastic can do and its potential, Teoh believes that there is still plenty of potential market growth. In order to succeed, one needs a good and dedicated team. Teoh believes in three important points to retaining loyal workers. First, it is to allow workers and staff to see growth paths in their careers and a purpose to stay with the company. Second, to provide them with a sense of security as most of them have commitments to their families. Finally, it has a lot to do with self belonging, by treating each and everyone like family. “Teamwork is important and we are very proud to say that only 15 workers from middle to top management left since we started this company and that was more than 30 years ago.”

Lastly, when asked what Teoh has as a hobby, he candidly said his hobby is to work and grow the company especially now that his company has branches. The listed company SWS Capital has more reasons to expand. However, he finds time to be with his family and does not forget to always give back to the society.

栖居于拥挤的小木屋、十几岁成了问题学生、露宿街头以报纸当床,SWS 资本有限公司 (SWS Capital Berhad) 董事经理张汉川娓娓而谈他美好的回忆,和 EZ 马来西亚分享他的人生故事。

“我算是聪明的孩子,小学时的排名都在前三名内,那时候,我的梦想就是成为一名成功的企业家。” 张汉川诞生于清贫家庭,简陋小木屋是一家六口的栖居之所。因此,他认为只有当一名商人才能赚更多钱、过上更好的生活。然而上中学后,他的成绩却一落千丈,最终成了问题学生。“也许是因为我对母亲是一名洗衣女工、我只能穿别人丢弃只剩校徽是完整的旧制服的状况觉得羞愧。” 中五毕业后,张汉川南下新加坡寻找工作机会,开始几天都只能露宿街头。万事起头难,但正如他回忆那样,这实际上是他人生中一个重要的转折点,新的起始。



几年后,张汉川回到槟城,在一家塑料公司担任推销员。他走遍大城小镇去推销产品,这也是他与塑料 ‘相恋’ 的开始。张汉川的努力带来了另一个里程碑,当时亿联企业的另一名推手王少华问他是否愿意携手创业。起初他很犹豫,同时也向上司要求加薪,但他得到的答案让他惊醒并想起成为企业家的梦想。“老板说我作为一名工人,没有要求加薪的权利,后来又提醒我说现在经济不太好,不容易找到另外一份工作。” 他很感激的表示,如果后者没把他推向悬崖,他也不会有今天的成就。“虽然我离开了那家塑料公司,但我没有生产相同的产品,离职后的前几个月我还有继续帮他推销产品,直到他新的推销员可以接手工作。” 他续说。

1993年,张汉川成立了亿联企业(马)有限公司,实现了自己童年成为一名企业家的梦想。几年后,他公司的业务从槟城的一间小店扩展到武吉美雅工业区的大型工厂。张汉川也明白塑料业的竞争非常激烈,有过多年销售经验的他决定打造自己的品牌,一个值得信赖、可以说服顾客购买的高品质塑料制品,而不是一般的廉价品。他也花费研究和开发研究有趣兼实用的产品以满足客户的需求,亿联企业更是第一家参加海外展览会的公司。“马来西亚市场竞争激烈,我们的产品也嬴得本地消费者的信心,我决定放眼国际市场。” 随着精心的策略,如今 “伊恋汇” 产品遍布全球30多个国家。但对他来说,这只是一个开始,他的收获成果还没到来。




Teoh Han Chuan & Family.jpg

Top of the Food Chain 味蕾顶峰

Diana Chan.png
Winner of MasterChef Australia 2017

It’s all about pushing boundaries. Do something different. Don’t be safe.

The little girl watched as her mother cooked, brewed and worked the wok in the kitchen, surrounded by herbs and juicy ingredients. She was never allowed to do the important tasks or even near the bubbling stove. As she stood there watching and absorbing with her big and beautiful eyes, nobody would have guessed she would one day take the grand trophy of MasterChef Australia 2017.

The air was galvanised when one million viewers watched judge Matt Preston award Diana Chan 9/10 for her dessert, just one point ahead of her toughest competitor. As the confetti rained down, Diana Chan, MasterChef Australia 2017 held the trophy jubilantly in her hands.

“I’ve always loved food. Mum is a Nyonya (Straits Chinese) from Singapore, while Dad and grandma are from Penang, Malaysia.”

At 19, Diana landed in Melbourne to pursue her tertiary education in accountancy. “I had a good palate and I wanted to enjoy great food but could not afford to eat out all the time. So I headed out to Camberwell market and immediately fell in love with the fresh produce, the sights, sounds and aroma of the market. I got very inspired. Didn’t know how to cook but I never stopped trying until I got better. Watching a lot of cooking shows helped too.”

While her true inspirations are her parents, Diana quoted a few favourite chefs. “I watch a lot of Yotam Ottolenghi. He reminds me of my mum who is herb-driven and uses a lot of vegetable. Simple to replicate but very tasty. George Calombaris is a progressive chef, who is very passionate about his restaurant The Press Club while I learned how to try different things from Anthony Bourdain.”

Diana Chan

Remember your core values and be proud of your heritage.  People can see through you if you are trying to be someone else

Diana wooed MasterChef judges with her spatchcock and abalone in green juice, oatmeal prawns in creamy curry sauce and a near-perfect creation of the Kirsten Tibballs dessert. “I just broke down and cried after my last cook. The pressure was so high, I was overwhelmed.”

To all the 2018 contestants, “It’s all about pushing boundaries. Do something different. Don’t be safe. At the same time, manage your expectations. And I always say get a lot of sleep. The hours are long and mentally stressful, as in any winning kitchen.”

Basking in the light of champions, Diana sees a restaurant in the pipeline. “Three things resonate with me – wholesome, fresh and fusion. These are the things I look for in a dish. I want to have a lot of input in the menu so that people can associate me with my food. With my accounting background, I plan to manage the business side too.”

While taking in all this publicity and success, Diana is also quick to give back to the society. Close to her heart is beyondblue, a non-profit organisation working to address issues like depression, anxiety disorders and related mental disorders.

“My dad’s best friend once said to me, ‘Never lose your compass’. Never forget who you are and where you come from. Remember your core values and be proud of your heritage. People can see through you if you are trying to be someone else.”



一个小女孩看着妈妈以娴熟的手艺在厨房里转悠着,锅炉周边飘散着香料酱汁的浓郁味道。但她从未被委以重要的烹饪工序,甚至不被允许靠近冒着热气的炉子。当她站在那里以美丽大眼睛凝望这一切,没人能想到有一天她会拿下 2017 年澳大利亚顶级厨师的冠军奖杯。

这个拥有100万观众屏息观赏的厨艺竞赛,当评判 Matt Preston 为她所制作的甜点打下9分(满分10分)的时候,气氛完全被引爆,因为这个分数只比她最强力的对手高出1分。五颜六色彩带雨点般落下时,澳大利亚大厨晨爱琳 (Diana Chan) 捧起奖杯脸上挂着圆满的笑容。



即使她真正的灵感源自父母,但也推荐了一些心仪的厨师。“我看了很多 Yotam Ottolenghi 的美食节目。他让我想起了我母亲,善于运用香草和蔬菜搭配,非常简单易学,但味道很好。至于 George Calombaris 是一位勇于进取的厨师,他对自己的餐厅 The Press Club 充满激情;而我也在 Anthony Bourdain 的身上学习尝试不一样的东西和接受挑战。”


至于晨爱琳在顶级厨师大赛中呈现给评判烤鸡和鲍鱼配绿果汁,奶油咖喱麦片虾和近乎完美的 Kirsten Tibballs 甜点制作。“我只是在最后一次完成烹饪后哭了,那时被强烈的心理压力淹没。”

而她要给予 2018 年参赛者的建议: “一切都是为了突破界限。做些不一样的尝试,不要太固守自封。同时,管理好自己的预期,我总是说确保睡眠必须充足,在任何赢取胜利的厨房里,时间漫长且精神紧绷。”


随着大量宣传曝光和尝到成功滋味的同时,晨爱琳也迅速回馈社会。她的奉献目标是 beyondblue,一个致力于解决抑郁症、焦虑症和相关精神障碍等社会问题的非盈


By Billie Ooi-Ng Lean Gaik