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Cathay Pacific Unveils New Business Class Lounge

Cathay Pacific General Manager Product Leslie Lu (centre), General Manager Hong Kong International Airport Liza Ng (left) and General Manager Sales & Distribution Toby Smith pictured at The Pier Business Class Lounge.



Cathay Pacific Airways unveiled its new Business Class Lounge at The Pier in Hong Kong International Airport recently after a comprehensive refurbishment. The luxurious lounge is now larger with seating for 550 people.

The Pier Business Class Lounge is divided into “fast” and “slow” lanes where The Food Hall and The Noodle Bar are located in the “fast” lane. This is where passengers can find an array of food and beverages such as coffee and noodles.

There is also a Tea House especially for those craving a soothing drink amidst a tranquil environment while the slow lane is where passengers can put their feet up in the lounge seating equipped with built-in reading lamp and side tables.

Passengers can freshen up in one of the 14 shower suites and a relaxation room for a calm and stress-free experience in order to wind-down and refresh themselves.



Timelessness in Fun & Play 永恒的乐趣时光


Hong Kong Museum of History has taken on an exciting challenge – one that has not only attracted the young hearts of little children in Hong Kong but has also charmed adult and kids alike worldwide with adorable designs and features.

We are, of course, talking about toys. Partnering with Hong Kong Toys Council and the Toys Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong, the exhibition weaves through the evolution of toys in the past century and the way industrialists revolutionalise and guaranteed the good quality of items ‘Made in Hong Kong’.

One of the most popular parts of the exhibition features a play area to encourage the importance of play and also the meaning of toys. The exhibits present ways on how entertainment came in various forms including animation, comics, cinema and television, and trends which influence the production of toys. Hong Kong has played a prominent role in the evolution of toys and gone beyond just fun and play.





Gloria Residence Luxurious and Homey Stay 华泰瑞舍 – 新东方美学


Located right in the heart of Taipei City, Gloria Residence simple, vivid and fresh exterior is the masterpiece of Aoki Jun, the prominent architect engaged by Louis Vuitton. Illuminated by sunlight, Gloria Residence cloud pattern formed by a mosaic collage of more than 200 pieces, shine an extraordinary light on the restless Linsen North Road. Besides Akori Jun, award winning designer Ray Chen was the mastermind behind the interior design at Gloria Residence. His use of natural oak brings roundness to the interior, and with the added urban Asian inspired furniture choice, each room becomes a space where guests can relax and feel at home.

Gloria Residence is the only luxury apartment style hotel located at the intersection of Minsheng East Road and Linsen North Road. With this strategic location, it is close to many renowned attractions, the Zhongshan Culture and Art Quarter, the Zhongshan Shopping District, Taipei Main Station and MRT Shuanglian Station.

Gloria Hotel Group invests NT$500 million in Gloria Residence, to enable guests to embark upon a comfortable and luxurious life in Taiwan. The lounges, bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms are all designed with the utmost care, allowing guests to feel as though they have come back home. Gloria Residence has a total of four room types and 51 rooms, most of them is around 43 square meters, with the largest room being around 150 square meters. Every room is equipped with a kitchen, iron and iron board; they also have enough storage space beneath the bed for guests to keep a whole season’s worth of clothes.

As the only luxury apartment style hotel in Zhongshan business district, Gloria Residence has targeted the frequent business traveler in hoping that when on trips and when staying in Taipei, they will feel just as comfortable as they were at home.

Apart from the addition of the warm coziness of home, Gloria Residence’s considerate attentiveness towards guests can be seen in small details. Gloria Residence cares for guests’ sleeping quality by providing the thoughtful Pillow Options service. This service makes four pillows available for guests to choose from, including a latex pillow, a memory pillow, a buck wheat pillow and an anti-snore pillow. The guest can select the pillow on the basis of his own needs.

Apart from its entertainment room and swimming pool, their 24 hours lounge is the exclusive facility that other hotels don’t offer. Located in the cozy space of floor B1, this lounge offers snacks, coffee and tea, selected beverages and fruits. It also has books, newspapers and magazines around, enabling guests to feel as comfortable and at ease as being at home.



华泰瑞舍此次除了请来 Louis Vuitton 御用建筑大师青木淳设计酒店外观,更邀得知名建筑设计师陈瑞宪法为酒店进行内部设计,以内敛而惬意的新东方家具点缀的空间,为旅客带来温润宜人的旅居氛围。



除了视听娱乐室以及室内温水游泳池等公共设备,华泰瑞舍24小时开放的 “The Lounge” 是别家酒店所没有的独特设备。这个位于酒店B1的温馨空间,提供书报杂志、零食点心、现煮咖啡、英国茶包、精选饮料以及水果等,让旅客在这里就像窝在家里客厅一般自由自在。

Born to be Creative 为创意而生


To mark its 10th anniversary, Malaysia’s leading fashion festival, the Mercedes-Benz STYLO AsiaFashionFestival 2017 kicked off five nights of fashion entertainment in a stunning display at its opening gala at Bangsar South’s KL Gateway Mall. Themed, “50 shades of RED”, this year’s festival saw the newly opened KL Gateway Mall transformed into a cinematic platform to honour the classic icons of fashion, TV and movies past and present with honorary guests including Professor Datuk Jimmy Choo OBE, Dato Nancy Yeoh-Reissiger, Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai and many more.

The Lifetime Achievement Award 2017, presented on the last day of the festival as part of an award gala evening, was awarded to Victor Goh who began his fashion design career in the late 1970s. Goh has been interviewed by CNN on Asia Pacific fashion and the Kebaya elements in his designs. His more recent projects and campaigns include Debut Shanghai, Schwarzkopf, Vidal Sassoon Shanghai, Nala Design Paris, Kagesha Tokyo, Saco London, Evisu Hong Kong, Annasul Y and Lusan Mandongus Hong Kong.


为了庆贺迈入10周年,马来西亚最令人瞩目的时尚盛典-“2017年马赛地奔驰 STYLO 亚洲时尚节”,在吉隆坡 Bangsar South 的 KL Gateway Mall 举行的开幕式上,以惊艳四方的形式启动长达5个晚上的时尚娱乐节目。而以“红色之50渐变”作为主题,在今年的编排中,新开业的 KL Gateway Mall 摇身一变成为电影平台,以纪念荣耀过去与现在的时尚、电视,电影等经典标志性风格,联袂荣誉嘉宾:拿督周仰杰教授 OBE、STYLO 国际总裁兼首席执行员拿督杨爱钻,拿督斯里黄骏伟等等。

至于节目进行到最后一天的颁奖晚会,其中2017年终身成就奖颁发予1970年代末便展开时装设计生涯的Victor Goh。另外,Victor Goh 接受 CNN 亚太时尚的采访以及他运用的 Kebaya 设计元素。他近期的计划和活动包括:上海 Debut、施华蔻、上海沙宣,巴黎 Nala Design、东京 Kagesha,伦敦 Saco,香港 Evisu,Annasul Y 和香港 Lusan Mandongus 等。

Innovation with A Twist 曲折的创新

Media Ambition Tokyo 2017
Toshiya Yui x Tomohiro Yokota x Tomoko Hashida / Floatio Applever
Media Ambition Tokyo 2017
David Letellier / Versus

Media Ambition Tokyo, now in its 4th edition, is fast becoming one of the fastest growing cultural showcase of technological art with an experimental twist in urban Tokyo. Organised by the MAT Committee, the exhibition is set to take place for almost a month all around Tokyo focusing on some of the most dynamic part of the city including Roppongi, Aoyama, Ochanomizu, Toranomon and a few more other venues. These venues will host super-edgy artwork, video, music, performances, hacks and talk shows.

Over the years, the programmes have organically increased and expanded covering international and local participants. The exhibition focuses on showcasing the evolving systematic designs of transportation, communication and information and the potential of technology in creating the city’s future. Through experimental projects unlimited by category or genre, MAT aims to develop the reformative movement in technology through art.

Previous collaborators include Apple Store in Ginza and Omotesando, Institut Francais Tokyo, Intersect by Lexus-Tokyo, IMA Concept Store, Digital Hollywood University and the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. In 2016, they have also collaborated with Yasei Collective and producer Keiichiro Shibuya for its opening live show titled ‘Digitally Show’.

Media Ambition Tokyo 2017
Akira Wakita & Tesuya Komuro / Scalar Fields
Think Evolution #1 : Kiku-ishi(Ammonite): AKI INOMATA /???????????????
AKI INOMATA / Think Evolution / Kiku-ishi (Ammonite)
Yoshiharu Suzuki/??????:Yuta Sasaki/??? ??
Yuta Sasaki / Yoshiharu Suzuki

被誉为科技艺术表演秀的 ”Media Ambition Tokyo” 迈入第4年,成为增长最快速的文化科技展示,并在东京城市展开实验性大扭转。这项由MAT委员会组织主办的展览会将在东京举行,其中近一个月的活动,集中在一些最具活力的区域,包括六本木、青山、御茶水,虎之門等几个场地据点,现场举办展览超尖端的艺术作品、影像、音乐、表演,黑客和谈话节目。


之前的合作者计有银座和表参道的苹果旗舰店、东京法国文化中心、雷克萨斯品牌形象馆、IMA概念店,数字好莱坞大学与日本科学未来馆。在2016年,他们还与Yasei Collective和制作人涉谷庆一郎合作,开幕现场掀开“数字化表演”。

What Is The Difference Between Food Allergy And Food Intolerence

by Dr Mecherl Lim

MD (MA) Naturopath (ND), Holistic Kinesiology


It is well known that deficient intake of protein, calories, vitamins, or minerals leads to a variety of nutritional disorders.  It is known that food contaminated with toxic materials or bacteria may cause illness if consumed.  It is also known that certain foods contain non-nutrient poisonous substances that may cause illness and in some cases death. Nevertheless, it is not generally realised that the nutrient components of foods, in themselves may be toxic for certain people, causing illness or aggravating pre-existing illness.


Food Intolerance may be defined as any illness or biochemical or metabolic abnormality that is causally connected to the ingestion of any food or dietary component. An illness that is causally connected to non-nutritive dietary component may be referred to as food poisoning or food toxicity. The term food intolerance is usually applied to illness resulting from the ingestion of substances that have nutritive value such as carbohydrate, fat, proteins and amino acids, and accessory factors such as purines (purines are responsible for gout in some sensitive individuals).

There may be an obvious connection between food ingestion and the production of acute illness or a less obvious connection so that a patient may fail to recognise

the relationship between his disease and the offending dietary component.

Under special circumstances certain combinations or amounts of food substances may cause illness in otherwise healthy individuals. For example, fasting followed by refeeding may result in stomach and intestinal distress or fluid retention. Another example is in illnesses that cause anorexia where feeding may be associated with nausea and vomiting. This type of Food Intolerance may be considered to be secondary type since the food is non toxic but illness or fasting has so altered the normal physiology that the patient becomes intolerant to many types of food.


Carbohydrate Induced Food Intolerances

  • Lactose Intolerance is the most common. Most people around the world are deficient in the intestinal enzyme lactase and thus have an inability to digest lactose-containing foods (eg.milk). Symptoms associated with lactase deficiency are bloatedness, wind and diarrhea. Lactose Intolerance may occur of various ages, it may occur at birth or at a latter age to different people. Treatment requires the avoidance of lactose by restricting dietary milk and milk-containing products. Lactose Intolerance should not be confused with milk allergy which is related to milk proteins.
  • High refined carbohydrate diet, in general, may be related to a number of medical problems. For example-low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia) which associated with variety of symptoms including fatigue, weakness, irritability, headaches and sugar craving may classified as diabetic.
  • For the sake of complete example of carbohydrate induced food intolerance are as listed : Glucose-galactose intolerance, sucrose-starch intolerance, sucrose-fruit intolerance, fructose-glycerol intolerance, lactose intolerance, pyruvate dehydrogenase deficiency.
  • All intolerances are due to lack of specific enzymes required for the metabolism of the particular sugar.

Protein Induced Food Intolerance

  • Coeliac disease results from a sensitivity to the protein, gluten, contained in wheat, rye, oats and barley. The disease manifests in most individuals as gastro-intestinal discomfort, wind and diarrhoea. However gastrointestinal symptoms need not be present and the disease may manifest as eczema, or arthritis. Strict avoidance of gluten is necessary in the treatment of this disease.
  • Cow’s milk (casein) allergy or more particular allergy or intolerance to a protein component of milk. It is associated with vomiting, chronic diarrhoea, eczema and failure to thrive. 
  • Other common food sensitivities are to egg protein, soy protein and shell fish. Symptoms may vary from hives to gastrointestinal symptoms, asthma to neurological disturbances (poor concentration, irritability, behaviour disturbances). Avoidance of these food results in remission of symptoms.
  • Individuals suffering from liver failure, cirrhosis of liver, kidney failure or pancreatic insufficiency all show intolerance to most proteins. The intolerance is due to the ailing body’s inability to either digest, metabolise or excrete proteins, amino acids or their waste products. So limiting the intake of protein until the body recovers its health or reduce symptoms.

Lipid Or Fat Induced Food Intolerance

  • Symptoms of diarrhoea (Steatorrhoea) wind, fatty motions occurs whenever fat is malabsorbed.  Steatorrhoe represents an intolerance to dietary fat or lipid. Fat malabsorption occurs in pancreatic insufficiency, various disease of the small bowel (cystic fibrosis, coeliac disease, liver disease, gall bladder disease and diabetes. Obviously a restriction of dietary fats or supplementation with digestive enzymes must be incorporated in the treatment of the above diseases.
  • Very high blood fat concentration due to a deficiency in lipoprotein lipase is associated with severe fasting, pronounced elevation in plasma triglyceride, eruptive xanthomas (fatty nodules in the skin) and recurrent episodes of abdominal pain due to pancreatitis. A low fat diet can control the disease process.
  • High blood cholesterol and altered lipoprotein profile can be viewed as a fat intolerant disease. Treatment in most cases requires the introduction of a low fat diet or supplementation with chromium and essential fatty acids.

Knee Osteoarthritis

Dr. Tan Boon Cheong

MBBS (MU), MS Ortho (MU)


One of the most common causes of knee pain, especially when oneself is approaching middle age, is usually links to degenerative joint disease (age as risk factor), but it is more complex as some young people have it too and for some it may be hereditary.

By definition knee osteoarthritis is defined as chronic joint disorder in which there is progressive softening and disintegration of joint cartilage, accompanied by new growth of cartilage and bone at the joint margins and capsular fibrosis. The prevalence of knee osteoarthritis increase with age (>45 years) and females have a higher incidence compare to male.

Knee pain is one of the most common chief complaints for knee osteoarthritis. The knee pain usually takes place with prolonged walking or standing. Resting the joint will relieve the pain. Stiffness is another common complaint. The stiffness happens after prolonged immobilization especially when getting up from a sitting position or early morning when oneself tries to get out from the bed to walk. The patient will need to stand for a brief second before he/she can start to walk. After a few steps, the patient will feel easier to walk.  Frequently, the patient may have episodic attack of knee swelling due to inflammatory process that takes place. When the knee osteoarthritis become more advance, the patient will have deformity, which most of the time the leg appear to curve inward, and if the patient’s both knees are involved, then the deformity would appear like an ‘O’ shape (in most of the patients). Knee osteoarthritis has no immediate threat to one’s life, but it reduces the quality of life due to persistent pain and immobility.

The management of knee osteoarthritis starts with the establishment of its diagnosis. Beside a good history given above, an examination by a doctor will help to come to this diagnosis and exclude other causes of knee pain. A plain X-ray of the knee with the patient standing will be good enough to tell the grading of the knee osteoarthritis. Kellgren and Lawrence classification system (Grade 0 to 4) are usually in use.

The treatment of knee osteoarthritis will depends on the severity of it and how much the symptoms affect the patient’s on daily basis. Joint supplements such as glucosamine sulphate and chondroitin have been used widely for knee osteoarthritis. Analgesia (pain killer) can be used but will give grieve side effects if abused. Intra-articular injection of hyaluronic acid (gel), PRP (blood) and stem cells have been widely introduced but their effectiveness and cost should always  be taken into consideration. Surgical intervention such as total knee replacement surgery will be the last resort when everything fails and the pain is tremendously affecting the quality of life. Beside all the above medical treatment, the lifestyle of the patient should also be modified such as exercising and weight management.