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Hope Springs Eternal 希望之泉永存

Dato’ Dr Colin Lee Soon Soo
Consultant Fertility Specialist and Gynaecologist

Dato’ Dr Colin Lee Soon Soo_Cover Story.pngAlpha Fertility Centre’s pregnancy rates are comparable to the very top IVF facilities around the world


A formidable force on the frontier of in vitro fertilisation (IVF) Dato’ Dr Colin Lee is the leading consultant fertility specialist and gynaecologist in Malaysia and Asia.

Armed with 32 years of medical practice, the founder and former medical director of Tropicana Medical Centre, TMC Fertility Centre and Damansara Fertility Centre, set up the new Alpha Fertility Centre (AFC) in 2011, with special interest in preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).

His list of ground-breaking work reads like a powerhouse academic journal. Dato’ Dr Lee successfully brought to life the world’s first micro-injection baby in 1989, the world’s first human co-culture blastocyst baby in 1991. His efforts include the development of a mathematical formula for determining the appropriate quantum of ovarian drilling for polycystic ovary syndrome patients and, an elaborate protocol and communication system for embryo transfer. He is also the first person in Asia and Australia to deploy micro-array comparative genomic hybridization (MaCGH) for genetic testing of all 23 chromosomes in embryos. The world’s first pregnancy and delivery following PGD-CGH diagnosis of chromosome inversion, the world’s first pregnancy and delivery in a patient born without a vagina, and the world’s first reported delivery following the salvage of a presumably abnormal embryo are all milestones on his impressive resume.

Dato’ Dr Colin Lee Soon Soo

It is my fervent wish to see more couples attain the joy of a complete family.

“IVF has been in Malaysia for 30 years. Twenty years ago, the pregnancy rates were only at about 10%. Now it has touched 80% for each embryo transfer. Malaysia has comprehensive and arguably the most wide-ranging fertility services in Asia and Australia. Malaysians used to go to Singapore to undergo fertility treatment. Today the reverse is apparent as Malaysia is now the leading destination for IVF treatment in the region.”

Under the expertise of Dato’ Dr Lee, AFC has documented remarkable pregnancy rates through published international medical journals and congresses. “AFC’s pregnancy rates are comparable to the very top IVF facilities around the world.” By no means a small feat, these high success rates are achieved by handshaking the latest technology with specialised training. “We are the first to use the Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection chamber in South East Asia; the latest Cryotec® freezing technology for embryos/blastocysts that provides 100% survival rates for post-thaw embryo/blastocyst; the PIEZO-ICSI that achieves higher fertilisation rates and less injuries to eggs; and Microsort which selects the best and the most appropriate sperm to be injected into the egg. We recently purchased two Embryoscope Time Lapse incubators, for selection of the best embryos for transfer.”

Dato’ Dr Lee is insatiable in his quest for optimum methodologies and higher pregnancy rates for his patients. “In future, preimplantation genetic screening and the freezing of embryos for 100% survival rates would be standard features for all IVF procedures. At the AFC, 80% of IVFs are done with PGS. I have trained 13 fertility specialists over the last 20 years and wish to train more so that I can leave a legacy, in that respect. It is my fervent wish to see more couples attain the joy of a complete family.” Straight from his heart, Dato’ Dr Lee also hopes to be able to make effective IVF treatment affordable and accessible to couples who are financially challenged.

A well-equipped embryology lab and expertise are vital to the success of fertility treatment. “If there is a weak link in an IVF process, that will become the limiting factor of the pregnancy rate.” AFC subscribes to a high level of excellence and innovation. “In this global and borderless environment, we believe we have what it takes to be the best as we continue to position Malaysia in the world fertility map.”

Dato’ Dr Colin Lee Soon Soo


在马来西亚和亚洲的体外受精或试管婴儿(in vitro fertilisation – IVF) 领域,拿督李顺树医生所带领的团队是强大的开拓力量,本身更被誉为行业领先的生育专家顾问和妇科医生。

作为丽阳医疗中心(Tropicana Medical Centre), 丽阳助孕妇中心 (TMC Fertility Centre) 和白沙罗助孕中心 (Damansara Fertility Centre) 的创办者及前总裁,拿督李顺树医生具备32年的医疗实践作业,并且在2011年创立新的阿儿法助孕中心 (Alpha Fertility Centre – AFC),更专注于胚胎移植前基因诊断 (PGD)。



在李医生的专业领导下,AFC通过出版的国际医学期刊和代表大会记录了进展非凡的妊娠率。AFC的成功妊娠率可与世界上顶尖的体外受精设施相媲美。“这绝非小成就,这些高成功率是通过对最新技术进行专业训练而取得。我们是东南亚首个使用单精子注射 (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection – ICSI)温箱;最新的Cryotec®胚胎或囊胚冷冻技术提供解冻后的胚胎或囊胚具备100%的存活率。还有能够达到较高的受精率和减少损害卵子的压电式胞浆内单精子注射(PIEZO-ICSI),分类出最佳与合适的精子注入到卵子中。我们最近也购买了两部胚胎实时监控器,用于精选胚胎进行


而显然拿督李顺树医生对于为患者寻求最佳方法和更高怀孕率的技术方向无法轻易满足。“在未来,胚胎植入前基因筛查 (PGS) 和胚胎冷冻技术,讲究100%的存活率将是所有体外受精过程的特定标准。而在AFC,80%的体外受精是通过PGS完成的,过去的20年里,我训练了13位生育专家,并希望培训更多的人,让他们继承这方面的遗产。我怀着热切盼望的心情目睹更多的夫妻因获得一个完整家庭而感到快乐。”在他的内心深处,也期望那些经济条件拮据的夫妻能够负担得起和接受有效的体外受精治疗。




Rise to the Challenge 奋起应战

Calvin Goon

Head, Affluent Segment of RHB Banking Group

Calvin Goon_.jpg

“The Malaysian banks are pursuing SMEs as part of an expanded mandate to help grow its affluent base,” said Mr. Calvin Goon, Head of Affluent Division of RHB Banking Group.

Rising above economic challenges, growing the affluent target segment Mr. Calvin Goon, Head of Affluent Division of RHB Banking Group explains how to move the market forward during challenging times.

It is no secret that industry observers of Malaysia’s wealth management landscape believe that the next decade will be increasingly challenging for the high net worth (HNW) individuals who are constantly seeking higher yields while grappling with an uncertain economic outlook. Factors such as the growing complexity in China’s credit space, Brexit and the Euro uncertainty are cause for major concerns as with the issue of central banks shifting gear from accommodative to tightening which pose serious challenges to banks in moving the affluent market forward.

High net worth individuals from Malaysia and around the world are concerned with three main issues, namely inheritance, global economy and tax. In turn, banks are looking to introduce new propositions, products and solutions to address clients’ concerns. Looking to small- and medium-sized enterprise space (SMEs), there are many untapped opportunities for the banks to work on.

“These clients are more sophisticated and will demand customised products and solutions. They prefer more attentive services due to the nature of their business.”

“The Malaysian banks are pursuing SMEs as part of an expanded mandate to help grow its affluent base,” Mr. Calvin Goon, Head of Affluent Division of RHB Banking Group says. “The potential synergy will be beneficial during this challenging period.”

Taking into consideration this group of SMEs as well as the HNW investors, a more specialised and personalised approach is required. In line with this, RHB Bank created the Private Clients and Business Services segment to hold their assets that are in excess of USD1 million and above.

“These clients are more sophisticated and will demand customised products and solutions,” explains Mr. Calvin Goon. “They prefer more attentive services due to the nature of their business.”

Growing the affluent market means working harder for the clients with customised solutions. The engagement between the bank and these clients is vital, as it boils down to the overall client experience and the impression built from these efforts. It inevitably means not losing any of their capital while seeking returns.

With the inflation surge becoming a global phenomenon, Malaysians also find their incomes eroding from the depreciation of the Ringgit over the past few years. The solution to this could very well be linked to foreign currencies. By providing the benefits of diversification and lessening of risks, these measures could verily mitigate the rising economic challenges.


在经济挑战中崛起,跨展高端富裕客户为目标市场。阮晨祐,兴业银行集团(RHB Banking Group)高端市场部门资深副总裁解释如何在充满挑战性的市场中前进




针对中小型企业家及高净值的投资者,他们需要更专属及量身定做的方案。了解这样的需求,兴业银行特别创建了私人客户及商业服务给予拥有资产高达美金 100 万或以上的人士。




Economy, Investment And Saving Concept

A New Chapter & Passion for Learning 学习激情的新章

Professor Stephen Doughty

Professor Stephen Doughty

President & CEO of Penang Medical College (PMC)

Professor Stephen Doughty, attended INPenang Awards 2017 to receive the INPenang Best Medical College/University Award

“I always had a desire for discovering new knowledge. My undergraduate degree included 2 years of research work and that led me to undertake my PhD in Oxford in computational chemistry and Computer-Aided Drug Design.”

When Professor Stephen Doughty moved to Malaysia with his wife and five boys all between the age of 1 and 10 about 12 years ago, it was the beginning of an exciting journey dedicated to the pursuit of helping establish a new learning institution and sharing of knowledge. Apart from taking up a new role as the Dean of Faculty of Science, then progressing up the ranks to being Vice-Provost (Teaching and Learning) at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus in Kuala Lumpur, it was also the start of a new life away from home – the UK, friends, and family. As with any move to a new country, this family of seven has set themselves up with a cross-border challenge – embracing the whole Malaysian experience from getting accustomed to the relentless tropical weather, learning its culture and language to tasting the variety of delectable cuisines Malaysia has to offer.

12 years later, Professor Doughty joined Penang Medical College (PMC) as its fourth president in September 2016. Stephen joined the School of Pharmacy at the University of Nottingham in 2001 having previously worked at the University of Bradford, UK. His research interests are focused on molecular modelling and computer-aided drug design with a particular interest in modelling proteins for rational drug design.

“I always had a desire for discovering new knowledge. My undergraduate degree included 2 years of research work (which isn’t normal!) and that led me to undertake my PhD in Oxford in computational chemistry and Computer-Aided Drug Design,” said Professor Doughty.

A strong believer in pushing back the boundaries of knowledge and undertaking new research to answer questions that have yet to be explored, Professor Doughty continues to actively research and publish new findings. “ this is what has kept me in academia and drives my desire to want to see PMC flourish as a university, where the whole community is engaged in the pursuit of acquiring and developing knowledge.”


“We want to establish ourselves as the place to come to for Penang’s human capital needs in supporting services like medical tourism.”

Professor Doughty has high expectations and sees great potential for PMC. Celebrating its 20th year as a medical institution in 2016, it is the beginning of a new chapter – not only is it affecting people who are connected to PMC but also its communities surrounding the institution. He believes that academic institutions must be contributing to society both globally in terms of expanding knowledge and also locally in terms of enhancing the lives of those communities in close proximity to PMC.

“I see it [PMC] growing in the next 10 years as we continue to develop new courses. We want to establish ourselves as the place to come to for Penang’s human capital needs in supporting services like medical tourism. The areas that we could move into are not only in providing doctors but also support and healthcare staff as well as area such as computer scientists for healthcare and research purposes.

Wholly owned by RCSI and UCD, PMC has been internationally recognised since 1996 and was rated by House Officer Performance in Malaysia 2009 – 2011, the Institute for Health Systems Research Malaysia, as among the top medical schools in preparing graduate doctors for their early careers. With plans to upgrade the college status to a university as the next step, it wishes to enhance students’ learning experience with plans to develop new courses as well as expand the physical infrastructure that now houses 500 students. Apart from keeping abreast with developments of lecturers and students, they are also placing importance in attracting the best quality staff and maintaining a good relationship with their partners.

family photo


约12年前,Stephen Doughty 教授与妻子、还有5名1岁到10岁的儿子们移居到马来西亚。这是激奋人心旅程开始,他致力于搭建新的学习机构和知识分享。除了扮演理科院院长的角色之外,还在马来西亚诺丁汉大学吉隆坡校区担任副校长(教学与学习)。另外,这也是他们远离家乡英国,朋友和家人,开展新生活。不过,与任何国家的新移民一样,这个七口之家已征服跨界挑战 – 体验马来西亚的整体生活,首先习惯热带天气,学习其文化和语言,品尝各种多元食物。







by Monica Tong

Staying ASLI For Malaysia 为马来西亚留驻ASLI

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 11.24.19 AM.png

Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Michael Yeoh Oon Kheng 

CEO & Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI)

Heading one of the major independent think tank in Malaysia is no mean feat but for its co-founder, Tan Sri Dr Michael Yeoh, it is necessary to create a better society through its extensive research work. He co-founded the Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute, known simply as ASLI, back in 1993 and has never turned back.

“Should I choose to retire I am sure ASLI will be in good hands.”

“I cofounded ASLI, 24 years ago in 1993, as Malaysia did not have an independent think tank then. The business community and many others felt there was a need for the country to have an independent think tank like the ones in USA, UK and many other countries,” he said. ASLI was the first private independent think tank set up in Malaysia and now, there are many others following in its footsteps.

He said the main purpose of setting up ASLI was  to provide strategic thinking to companies and the government. “It was also to promote debate on public policy issues,” he said.

Yeoh said ASLI had taken up important issues in the country such as education, competitiveness, national unity, green technology and environment.

He, then, mentioned how Malaysians are “over politicking” in recent times. ”The political divisions is both at an ethnic and socio-economic angle. The Malays seem to be returning strong support to the UMNO and Barisan Nasional whilst the Chinese continue to strongly support the Opposition. Meanwhile we see the socio-economic divide along class lines, between the poor and the wealthy, the urban and rural voters,” he said.


He said it is rather worrying that race relations in the country is causing more division between the people. He felt that it is time for all to get back to middle ground.

He said each Malaysian need to have respect for one another, be tolerant and have better understanding of other races’ sensitivities. “We must find common space for our students and teenagers to mingle and mix in a multiracial environment,” he said and suggested sports and art as unifies.

Recently, ASLI is ranked to be among the world’s top 100 think tanks out of 7,000 think tanks in the world by the University of Pennsylvania in USA. It is also ranked 4th in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, effectively placing it in top placing in Malaysia. It has also won the Brand Laurete Award and many other awards.

“I cofounded ASLI, 24 years ago in 1993, as Malaysia did not have an independent think tank then. The business community and many others felt there was a need for the country to have an independent think tank like the ones in USA, UK and many other countries.”

_O8A9184_to crop.jpg

Yeoh personally too has several awards to his name, the most recent being the INPenang Lifetime Achievement Award. He feels that the most satisfying achievement for him is being conferred the Doctor of Laws by the University of Nottingham in Britain, it is one of the UK’s top universities. “Of course being conferred a Tan Sriship is also satisfying,” he added.

However, it is not all work and no play for Yeoh. He enjoys travelling immensely and always make it a point to visit new countries he has never been before, each year. “Last year, I visited Morocco for the first time and the previous year I visited Portugal also for the first time,” he said. He also made sure that he sets aside time for his family to maintain a healthy work-life balance. “Family life is important and I do take family holidays at least twice a year,” he said.

Though he is now past 60, retirement is not something he has considered just yet. There is still a lot more that he felt he could do. “Should I choose to retire I am sure ASLI will be in good hands,” he said. So, for now, Yeoh will continue to lead the think tank to greater achievements.






然而,他也忧心忡忡的提到马来西亚人在近年来是如何 “过度政治化”。他说,政治分裂显现在种族和社会经济方面。巫统和国阵似乎受到马来人强力回头支持,而华人却继续拥护反对党,同时可以看到社会经济的贫富差距越来越大,尤其是城市与乡间的选民分歧。


他认为,每个马来西亚人都需相互尊重,容忍和更好地了解其他种族的敏感性。“我们必须为学生和青少年找到共同空间,在多元种族的环境中更融合。” 他认为体育和艺术会是团结的催化剂。

最近,美国宾夕法尼亚大学评选的世界7000个智囊团中,ASLI也成为全球前100智囊团之一,并且在东南亚和太平洋地区排名第四,这也是马来西亚取得的最高位置,同时也获得Brand Laurete 大奖和许多奖项。

杨元庆个人也拥有许多荣誉,最近获得INPenang的终身成就奖。他最骄傲的成就是被顶尖的英国学府之一英国诺丁汉大学授予法律博士学位。“当然被赐予丹斯里勋衔也令人感到荣耀。” 他补充说。

工作之余杨元庆也并非全无休闲时间。他热爱旅游,每年总是会安排之前未踏足的国家进行旅游。“去年,我第一次到摩洛哥,再前年我去了葡萄牙。” 他还确保空出时间与家人团聚,保持工作与生活健康平衡。“家庭生活很重要,我每年至少休两次家庭假期。”

目前已经逾60岁,但尚未考虑退休,他觉得要做的事情还有很多。“一旦我确认ASLI已经得到很好的照顾,应该才会选择退休。” 所以,现在杨元庆将继续带领智囊团往着成就的高峰走去。

Blazing a Path in International Trade 披荆斩棘之国际商道


Datuk Dr Wong Lai Sum

CEO of Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (Matrade) 2011-2015

“The different settings of each ministry have given a rounded education and experience that money cannot buy.”

Taking the lead in a challenging industry such as international trade is not an easy task and one that not many can boast of. Datuk Dr Wong Lai Sum is one such leader who had led the industry to greater heights during her service as the Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.

Having spent decades in the public sector, Wong has held various capacities in several ministries which she believes was a privilege. “The different settings of each ministry have given a rounded education and experience that money cannot buy,” she said of the various departments she had worked in.

She first started out her career in the Ministry of Health (MOH) as an assistant secretary in the Contracts and Supply Division and later the Budget Division. “I learnt the length and breadth of planning, budgeting and supplying in a government setting from the beginning,” she said.

It was also while holding that position that she discovered civil service is not a nine-to-five job but one that demands more. “It is full of challenges especially when MOH is such an important part of the social sector,” she said. After serving in MOH, she eventually went on to serve in other ministries including the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Home Affairs and finally, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.

She was the Chief Executive Officer of MATRADE up till June 2015 but during her tenure there, she had successfully led the execution of over 100 events domestically and internationally each year. “Over the 2012 to 2015 period, I was involved in many projects domestically and internationally,” she said. Amongst the projects within the country that she had led included conferences such as the World Trade Promotion Organisations (TPO) Network Conference, developmental programmes such as Youth-in-Trade and Mid-Tier Programme and international exhibitions such as MIHAS and INTRADE. “I also led numerous ‘buyer-seller meets’ for international events such as International Construction Week (ICW), Offshore Technology Conference Asia (OTC) and Kuala Lumpur International Aerospace Business Convention (KLIABC),” said Wong.

Internationally, Wong took charge of major projects in the likes of Malaysia Night at Trafalgar Square in London, Discover Malaysian Art in Melbourne, China ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO), Malaysia Week in Myanmar and India. “My last 6 months being with MATRADE was the World Expo in Milan, where I was the Deputy Commissioner General for Malaysia,” she said.

The Malaysian team with Datuk Dr Wong, (front row; 4th from right) and Ch’ng (front row; 1st from right)

“The greatest challenge is creating a balance. The government is not without limitations and as service providers we need to prioritise and stay focused on our kpis for appropriate results.”

Taking charge of such a large and important organisation is not a bed of roses as Wong can attest to. “The greatest challenge is creating a balance. The government is not without limitations and as service providers we need to prioritise and stay focused on our KPIs for appropriate results,” she said. Being a woman in a man’s world also carries with it some challenges but Wong said this was also to her advantage.

“Admittedly, it is still a man’s world especially at the top and women must stay strong to get there,” she said. While it is true that a woman needs to put in extra effort to show their capabilities as leaders and managers, she believes that it is women’s passion that drives women to success. “I believe that women are creatures of passion and this passion is what drives them to achieve the unexpected. Contrary to common thought, women of today handle things differently and are capable of controlling their emotions,” she added.

On facing up to the challenge of promoting Malaysian products and services to the world, she said it is no easy task because most Malaysian products are not outstanding in terms of quality and finishing. “Malaysians are slow in terms of branding and differentiating their product and service offerings,” she said. While Malaysians generally provide better after sales service, Wong said Malaysian products are simply not competitive enough especially in a price war. “For certain exports which are agro-based, the supply situation is still wanting and certain domestic processes still need to be improved,” she said.

“Malaysians are slow in terms of branding and differentiating their product and service offerings.”

Even for the services sector, it is another challenge to move Malaysian service providers out of their comfort zones to venture out overseas. “For some who are more adventurous, they face stumbling blocks such as accreditation, job experience overseas and adequate financing,” she said. Therefore, it is not easy to promote Malaysia to the world especially in countries that have very high technical barriers in terms of standards and procedures. “For such countries, a market presence is essential and events and programmes must be done repeatedly to gain attention and mind share,” she said. “It also requires a lot of intervention with the authorities, industry association, chambers of commerce and the trade community in the host country,” Wong added.

Datuk Dr Wong, presenting ‘Salam – London’, a national gift by the Malaysian government to the City of London, received by Victoria Borwick, Deputy Mayor of London during the Malaysia Night 2013 celebration at Trafalgar Square.

Now that Wong has retired from MATRADE, she is not sitting on her laurels but continued to provide service and this time, through education. ”Currently, I am spending a lot of time engaging with the young through teaching at universities,” she said. Together with some friends, she had started a finishing school called Le NouveauPro (The New Professional). She explained that it is a training platform which is aimed at filling the gap between the academia and working life.

“It is not just about eating right and dressing right but about the soft skills needed to fit into the work environment. So, I hope to make a difference for both employers and employees,” she said. The Le NouveauPro is open to university and college students, as well as young recruits. Wong is also actively contributing to the private sector and holds positions on several boards of large corporations.

CHT Pursuit of Excellence (Business : Government) Award 2013

CHT Pursuit of Excellence (Business : Government) Award 2013





2015年6月,黄丽心卸下了MATRADE首席执行员的重担,她在任期间,每年成功领导并执行超过100项国内外贸易计划。在2012年到2015年期间,黄丽心投入许多国内外计划。她在国内领导包含世界贸易促进机构(TPO)网络会议,青年贸易发展项目(Youth-in-Trade),中层计划(Mid-Tier Programme)和国际展览会MIHAS与INTRADE等。她也撮合引导许多买卖双方会面的国际会议:如国际工程建筑周(ICW),亚洲国际石油技术展览会(OTC)和吉隆坡国际航空航天商业会议(KLIABC)。








从MATRADE前线退下后,她没有坐享之前积攒的荣誉,而是继续提供服务,但这一次是透过教育渠道。目前,她耗费了大量心力通过大学教学与年轻人交流。她与志同道合友人设置了一家精修学校名为Le NouveauPro(新专业)。她解释,这个培训平台旨在填补学术技能与工作生活之间的鸿沟差距。

“不仅仅是正确标准的饮食和着装,但也强调软技能以适应工作环境。我希望雇主和员工双方都能做出良性转变。”Le NouveauPro开放予大学和学院生,只要是年轻的新兵。黄丽心同时活跃贡献于私营领域,并在多家大公司董事会担任职务。

Loh Guan Lye Specialists Centre 41 Years of Caring & Healing the Story Goes On…

Dr Mary Quah

CEO of LohGuanLye Specialists Centre.

“from Aspiration to Reality & Excellence”

Like many successful stories, it all started with a dream. The dream of the Late Datuk Dr Loh Guan Lye was to set up a private hospital ‘to reciprocate the support given to him by his patients and well-wishers over the years, and to also complement the increasingly overcrowded facilities of government hospitals. The hospital is a place where the public can seek specialist care and where specialists can practise good medicine’. The hospital then was named ‘The Specialists Centre’ which was later renamed LohGuanLye Specialists Centre (LSC) in1996, in honour of the late Datuk Dr Loh Guan Lye. The dream started in 1975 and the Centre is now 41 years old. Till today it is still family-owned and has been caring for more than three generations of patients.

The son, Mr Kelvin H Y Loh, Chairman and Managing Director, and the grandson, Mr Nicholas S W Loh, Executive Director, are also both successful Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologists practising in the hospital.

The unique story then continues with Dr Mary Quah, Chief Executive Officer, the driving force behind LSC, a non-family member, managing a family business in a One Big LSC Family way. She joined LSC in 1982 and has worked with three generations of the Loh family.

A visionary leader who leads with passion, Dr Mary Quah then made the dream into a vision and it became a reality with a lot of hard work and effort, dedication and commitment from everyone in LSC, making LSC to what it is today, one of the leading healthcare in the region, leading into the future.

In response to the earnest requests of patients for additional facilities and services, especially for cancer treatment, Dr Mary Quah was instrumental in the planning and development of the new wing in Macalister Road, from the architectural design and layout to the interior design and even the colour scheme with patient’s comfort in mind.  With this new wing, which was completed in 2009, LSC now has three wings, namely the Main Wing, Women and Children’s Wing and the Diagnostic Wing, offering a very comprehensive range of facilities and services including the treatment of cancer and heart diseases.

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 4.29.54 PM.png

With her leadership, LSC has overcome many challenges and has come out stronger than ever. LSC has also achieved many milestones, accreditations, various awards and accolades internationally and locally.

According to Dr Mary Quah, the culture of LSC is one of putting our heart and soul into everything we do, be proud of what we are doing and do our best. We strive to be the best and care for our patients with the best in human resource and technology to ensure good outcome.

Dr Mary Quah always believes in putting people first as ‘it’s the people who move an organisation’. When a leader leads an organisation with passion, and always does the right thing for the organisation and its people……that is the key success factor. Some of her inspiring phrases to the team include….’the business belongs to you, you take care of the business, we take care of you, the organisation grows, you grow’,  ‘everybody in this organisation is important, we do not employ unimportant people’, ‘customise your handling of people’. She takes pride in her team and is thankful to have such a caring team of dedicated and committed Management, Doctors and Staff in the organisation, as well as Mr Kelvin Loh and Mr Nicholas Loh for believing in the team and their support.

Most of all she is very thankful to all LSC patients for their trust and continuing support and for making LSC their ‘Hospital of Choice’.

Reviving the Brand 品牌的重新定位


Gan General Manager of Schwarzkopf Professional of Singapore & Malaysia

In 1893, Hans Schwarzkopf who was a qualified chemist in Berlin started a small drugstore. No one would have predicted that this business would eventually become one of the most influential hair care companies in the world.

General Manager of Schwarzkopf Professional of Singapore & Malaysia, Richard Gan told EZ that the brand was introduced to the Malaysia market over 50 years ago. It has since gained a very good reputation and currently rank No. 2 in the market.

Richard joined the company one and a half year ago with the responsibility to improve the bottom line. Besides, he is also expected to enhance the company’s structure and strengthen the brand positioning.

The General Manager also mentioned that although market competition is fierce, sometimes the biggest enemy is from within and not the competitors when the team is reluctant to adapt to market needs. “Consumers nowadays are very well-informed, we will still loose out if we do not evolve and use our innovative strength effectively,” he added.

Professional hairdresser Club (PH Club)                                          A good brand must play to its strengths, and to create a more efficient team.

“We have made improvement in restructuring the organisation to re-establish our market position. Basically, we are creating a new platform for our brand and business. Only then can we play the role of a good wholesaler, fostering seamless business relationship between the hairdressers and the brand.”

“Globally, Schwarzkopf Professional has launched its‘Essential Look’ App to match the digital trend…”

A good example is PH Club – Schwarzkopf Professional’s exclusive club for professional hairdressers, which aims to provide a range of value-added services to its loyal customers.

Schwarzkopf Professional provides technical support for the salon and helps to train the junior hairdressers. Business seminars are held monthly, experts from the regional team are invited to share their business expansion strategies of hair salon.

This year, the brand also launched a runway show together with the TV station. Contrary to expectation, it’s not just a hair show but a combination of fashion and other elements to feature the most popular hairstyles. The show was a big success.

Richard admits that the haircare and hair colouring market is constantly evolving, such as the e-commerce trend which they are still observing. “Globally, Schwarzkopf Professional has launched its ‘Essential Look’ App to match the digital trend. But I believe the most important thing for us is to get the confidence of our business partners. We are improving, one step at a time, to provide more value-added products and services to our customers. I’m glad to see we are starting to get the recognition from them.”

VIV_1915-474px谈论美发品牌,怎能不提起Schwarzkopf Professional。

1898年,柏林一位化学家Hans  Schwarzkopf,开设了一家小药剂行。谁会料到这门生意有一天会发展成为享誉全球的美发护品牌之一?

Schwarzkopf Professional新马区总经理Richard Gan告诉我,该品牌引进国内已逾50年。这些年来,品牌稳打稳扎创下了良好口碑和信誉,目前在市场上占据第二位置。

约莫一年半前加入Schwarzkopf  Professional团队,Richard的职责除了提升公司的盈利,更关键的是重组公司和革新品牌。


专业美发师俱乐部(PH Club)
Richard表示,Schwarzkopf Professional必须发挥自己的强项,同时打造一个更有效率的团队。


其中,Schwarzkopf   Professional独有的专业美发师俱乐部(PH   Club),就旨在为一群对品牌甚具信心的客户提供专属的服务。

Schwarzkopf   Professional为美发院提供技术支援,给予新手美发师培训,教育他们最新的染发和护发技术。Richard表示,Schwarzkopf Professional每个月均会举办业务讲座,邀请区域的团队精英前来分享美发院的业务扩展策略。


Richard坦言,美发市场瞬息万变,对于线上业务等全球趋势,他们仍抱持观望的态度。“虽然Schwarzkopf Professional已经推出‘Essential Look’等应用程式,赶上了全球数码化的趋势,但对于马来西亚团队来说,当务之急是先取得业务伙伴的肯定,重拾美发师们对我们品牌的信心。我们正在一步一步地逐渐改变中,让旗下的产品和服务不断增值,亦开始得到了不少客户的肯定。”

by Joshua