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Giving prominence to lavish international events in all its magnificence

Glamour Of The Year 年度盛典

89th Oscars, Academy Awards
Cynthia Erivo makes a stunning entrance on the red carpet
89th Oscars, Academy Awards
Dwayne Johnson arrives with Lauren Hashian
89th Oscars, Winner Portraits
Viola Davis Wins Best Supporting Actress For ‘Fences’
89th Oscars, Winner Portraits
Fantastic Beast_Best Costume Design Colleen Atwood
89th Oscars, Winner Portraits
Suicide Squad – Best Markup
89th Oscars, Winner Portraits
Emma Stone won Best Actress in La La Land

The 89th Academy Awards ceremony, once again, made headlines for a very different reasons this year when La La Land was incorrectly announced as the Best Picture, before Moonlight was clarified to be the winner two minutes after. Nevertheless, there were many awe-inspiring and stunning moments that saw the award presentation of 24 categories at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

Televised by ABC in the United States and hosted by Jimmy Kimmel for the first time, it also saw Moonlight, the first film with an all-black cast to win three awards, including Best Picture. La La Land won the most awards at the ceremony with six after receiving 14 nominations. Hacksaw Ridge and Manchester by the Sea won two awards each. Winners with one award include Arrival, and Where to Find Them, Fences, The Jungle Book, O.J. : Made in America, Piper, The Salesman, Sing, Suicide Squad, The White Helmets, and Zootopia. Emma Stone won Best Actress in La La Land and Casey Affleck as Best Actor in Manchester by the Sea.

The infamous red carpet walk includes Jessica Biel with her metallic gown by Kaufman Franco, Emma Stone’s glamorous golden gown by Givenchy, Ruth Negga in a long-sleeved Valentino gown, Brie Larson looking sexy in a shapely black dress, Viola Davis in her red Armani Prive, and Kirsten Dunst in a Dior gown. As for men, Pharrell Williams was all about Chanel, Sunny Pawar – the actor in Lion – in awesome cuteness with bow tie and yellow kicks, and Casey Affleck’s mountain man look cleans up nicely in Louis Vuitton.

第89届奥斯卡颁奖典礼再次成为焦点新闻,原因竟然是一起乌龙插曲:“爱乐之城” (La La Land) 被误宣布为最佳影片得主,但真正的获奖者应该是“月光男孩” (Moonlight) 。但是,在好莱坞的杜比剧院举行的24个类别奖项的颁奖典礼,依旧有许多令人敬畏和惊叹的时刻。

由美国ABC电视台转播,喜剧演员 Kimmy Kimmel 首次担任主持,而这也是第一部电影是全黑人演员演出,并赢得3个奖项,包括最佳影片。“爱乐之城”也在14项提名中赢得6项大奖。“血战钢锯岭” (Hacksaw Ridge) 和“海边的曼彻斯特” (Manchester by the Sea) 分别获得2个奖项。至于其他获奖者包括“爱乐之城” (Arrival) , “神奇动物在哪里” (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) , “藩篱” (Fences) , “奇幻森林” (The Jungle Book), “辛普森:美国制造” (O.J. : Made in America) , “鹬” (Piper) , “推销员” (The Salesman), “校合唱团的秘密” (Sing), “X特遣队” (Suicide Squad) , 白头盔 (The White Helmets) 和“疯狂动物城” (Zootopia)。演出“爱乐之城”的 Emma Stone 获得最佳女主角,而 Casey Affleck 以 “海边的曼彻斯特”赢得最佳男主角。

而赏心悦目的红地毯服装秀包括 Jessica Biel以 Kaufman Franco 的金属礼服亮相,Emma Stone纪梵希的金色礼服,Ruth Negga 身着长袖华伦天奴礼服,Brie Larson 一件黑色修身连衣裙展现性感,Viola Davis 以红色的Armani Prive 晚装示人,而 Kirsten Dunst却是迪奥的礼服。至于男士们,Pharrell Williams 是全身上下香奈儿,Sunny Pawar – 演出“漫漫回家路” (Lion) 的童星却以可爱的领结现身,Casey Affleck 野性的造型也完美消化路易威登。

Glory to Beauty, Charisma & Talent 闪耀着美丽、魅力与天赋


INPenang Awards is Penang’s most significant and celebrated event that recognises outstanding organisations and amazing leaders that have achieved success in their respected fields and contributed to the society of Penang. It is a night when charming lights shine a brighter hue on the flashy red carpet and champagne glasses chime a resounding song of elegance. It is a night where we celebrate some of Penang’s highest society and pay tribute to beauty, charisma and talent. Not only that it is a time to recognise the achievers, it is also in accordance to the underlying principle of CHTNetwork, “Where All Good Things in Life Meet…” where beautiful people are brought together and good quality products are showcased.

The significance of INPenang Awards has given opportunities to key players in the industry to showcase their talents and abilities, explore new business alternatives and encourage competitiveness among local businesses. The INPenang Awards, in its 3rd glorious edition, celebrated the evening honouring Penang’s assiduous entrepreneurs and industry veterans whose successes have gained the island state of Penang reputation as an incipient city with growing opportunities. This year, two new award categories for individuals, namely the INPenang International Outstanding Achievers Award and the INPenang Lifetime Achievement Award were introduced. These winners are specifically chosen for their contribution to their community and significant role in putting Penang on the world map.


而 INPenang 大奖主要是为各行业领域的关键者搭建展示他们才能和天赋的平台,探索全新的商机和促进当地企业竞争力。 INPenang 大奖在迈入荣耀第三届,槟城值得尊敬的百折不挠企业家和行业退休者,他们的成功造就了槟城成为拥有活跃增长力的声望早期城市。今年,大会也推出了2项增设的个人奖项类别,即 INPenang 国际卓越成就奖和 INPenang 终身成就奖。增设奖项的用意除了感念获奖者对社群的贡献,也是积极把槟城置于世界地图上而特别策划。

The Winners

The crème de la crème of awards of the evening – The INPenang Lifetime Achievement Award 2017 – was vehemently awarded to Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Michael Yeoh Oon Kheng, the Chief Executive Officer of The Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI) for his long-standing leadership and prominent contributions to the Penang and Malaysian society. He also serves as the Chairman of the World Chinese Economic Forum and the ASEAN Leadership Forum.

Winners of the INPenang International Outstanding Achievers Awards include Bernard Yong (Malaysia), Chef Walter Lee (Thailand), Nicole Chow (Australia) and Dato’ Elaine Kang (Malaysia) alongside other INPenang Awards Winners: Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa, Gurney Paragon Mall, Ewein Zenith Sdn Bhd, Entopia, Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House, Wonderfood Museum Penang, Vouk Hotel Suites, GenomixLAB, Penang Medical College, and Ideal Property Group.

INPenang Awards Winners : Ewein Zenith Sdn Bhd
INPenang Awards Winners : Wonderfood Museum Penang
Winter Warmers
INPenang Awards Winners : Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House
Vouk Hotel
INPenang Awards Winners : Vouk Hotel Suites
Rasa Sayang
INPenang Awards Winners : Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa
INPenang Awards Winners : Penang Medical College Malaysia
INPenang Awards Winners : IDEAL Property Group
INPenang Awards Winners : Gurney Paragon Mall
INPenang Awards Winners : Entopia
INPenang Awards Winners : GenomixLAB
Ch’ng Huck Theng with INPenang International Outstanding Achievers Awards include Chef Walter Lee (Thailand), Nicole Chow (Australia), Dato’ Elaine Kang (Malaysia), & Bernard Yong (Malaysia)
The INPenang Lifetime Achievement Award 2017 Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Michael Yeoh Oon Kheng, the Chief Executive Officer of The Asian Stategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI)

Vips3.jpgThe VIPs

Over 400 notable VIPs ranging from local and foreign dignitaries including guest of honour The Honourable Danny Law Heng Kiang – Penang State EXCO Member for Tourism Development & Culture, award winners, distinguished guests and media attended the black tie event with the theme “Melody in Spring” at the prestigious The Wembley – A St Giles Hotel, Penang on the 5th of February 2017. Other VIPs included Her Excellency Miss Ekajit Kraivichien, Consul-General of Royal Thai to Penang; His Excellency Mr Kiyoshi Itoi, Consul-General of Japan to Penang and Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Tan Khoon Hai, Chairman of Penang Fujian Merchants Association.

超过400名的知名人士和国内外贵宾齐聚,包括荣誉嘉宾槟州旅游发展委员会主席罗兴强行政议员。而所有获奖者、宾客及媒体也出席2017年2月5日在 The Wembley-A St Giles 酒店盛大展开的“我与春天有个约会”主题晚宴。其他贵宾包括泰国驻槟城总领事Ekajit Kraivichien,日本驻槟城总领事 Kiyoshi Itoi 及槟城福商公会主席丹斯里陈坤海。

The Auction
The evening came to a close with an auction of selected exclusive luxury items where part proceeds of the sold items were given to charity. Guests threw in their bids for the chance of owning a CORUM Admiral’s Cup Legend 47, a specially designed jewelry piece titled ‘The Queen’s Collection’ from Royals Blue, a set of 100% fine marino wool carpets from Nasim Carpets and two exclusive paintings from Penang Art Society.

One of the most glamorous auction items ‘The Queen’s Collection’ was sold at RM50,000 to Ms Erlinna Tan while Mr Edward Mai was the proud owner of the legendary CORUM Admiral’s Cup Legend 47.

晚宴上也有一场精心设计的奢侈品拍卖会环节,拍卖物品中的部分收益捐献慈善。在场宾客投出价格,有机会拥有一只 CORUM Admiral’s Cup Legend 47 腕表,另外来自 Royals Blue 特别设计的高端珠宝首饰“皇后珍藏”系列,Nasim Carpet 一套100%精细马里诺羊毛地毯和两幅槟城艺术学会献出的独家画作。

最后,其中最迷人的拍卖品 “皇后珍藏”被 Erlinna Tan 以5万令吉拍得,而 Edward Mai 则是传奇的 CORUM Admiral’s Cup Legend 47 腕表的骄傲拥有者。

‘The Queen’s Collection’ from Royals Blue collected by Ms Erlinna Tan
CORUM Admiral’s Cup Legend 47 bidden by Mr Edward Mai
Nasim Carpets 100% fine marino wool carpets collected by Vincent Chew & Terry Tan
Paintings from Penang Art Society collected by Leon Lee & Dr Lee Kim Siea

Best Dress.jpgThe Best Dressed
Nicole Lee, the Senior PR Manager of L’Oréal Professionnel accompanied by Oo Lean Hooi, the Business Development Director of Ichi Media presented the Best Dressed Momentos and exclusive L’Oréal Professionnel haircare kit to the Best Dressed Award winners.

L’Oréal Professionnel 的高级公关经理 Nicole Lee 连同毅际媒体业务促进总监余联辉,向最佳穿着得奖者颁发 L’Oréal Professionnel 专业护发套装。

Show1.jpgThe Show
Prior to the presentation of the awards, Penang’s leading bridal studio and gallery – Anovia Bridal in collaboration with Obsidian Production Studio entertained the guests with an alluring fashion show. It showcased 8 pieces of sweet romantic wedding gowns and another 8 pieces of elegant and high fashion evening gowns.

在颁奖之前,槟城顶尖的新娘工作室和摄影馆 – Anovia Bridal 与 Obsidian Production Studio 携手为宾客呈献一场精彩的时装表演,展示了8件甜蜜浪漫的婚纱和另外8件优雅高级晚礼服。

BookThe Book
A beautifully crafted coffee table book featuring all the award winners, hosts and sponsors was unveiled on the night to commemorate the prestigious event. All the VIPs were invited to the stage for the book launching ceremony.


Sponsors.jpgThe Sponsors
INPenang Awards this year is proudly sponsored by CORUM Watches, The Wembley-A St Giles Hotel, Cathay Dragon, L’Oréal Professionnel, Ichi Media and Nasim Carpets. Other sponsors included Asia Gemological Laboratory (AGL), Aim Max Media Sdn Bhd, Focal Concepts, Ming Xiang Tai, Red Box Karaoke, Starbucks and Lee Video Productions. Ghee Hiang Premium Gift box was presented by the Chairman of Ghee Hiang Dato’ Ar Ooi Sian Hian as a token of appreciation to the sponsors.

今年的INPenang大奖由 CORUM Watches、The Wembley – A St Giles酒店、Cathay Dragon、L’Oréal Professionnel,毅际媒体和 Nasim Carpets 荣誉赞助。其他赞助商包括 Asia Gemological Laboratory (AGL),Aim Max Media 有限公司、Focal Concepts、名香泰饼家、
Red Box Karaoke,Starbucks 和 Lee Video Productions。在颁奖典礼结束之前,義香董事主席拿督黄先贤还亲自赠送了精致的義香级

Cartier Timeless Treasures 卡地亚隽永无尽的珍宝

The winds of change in the New York air and a new desire for easy elegant gold jewelry inspired the Cartier Mansion workshop to introduce the Love bracelet in 1969. It immediately captured the hearts of long-time clients including the Duchess of Windsor and Elizabeth Taylor and new ones such as movie stars Ali MacGraw and Julie Andrews. A couple of years later, Cartier- New York followed up the instantly iconic Love bracelet with another modern hardware concept, a gold Nail bracelet later named Juste un Clou.

纽约的变化风潮及对于轻奢金饰珠宝的渴望激发了卡地亚旗舰店工作室在1969年推出“Love”经典手镯,当时立即捕获长期拥簇者的心,包括Windsor公爵夫人和Elizabeth Taylor,还有电影明星Ali MacGraw和Julie Andrews。几年后,纽约卡地亚紧随着Love系列这个标志性的作品后,创出另一个超越时代感的概念:Juste un Clou手镯。

nail-bracelet-1971.jpgNail bracelet, Cartier New York, 1971. Cartier Collection. Designed by Aldo Cipullo for Cartier.

Italian-American jewelry designer Aldo Cipullo (1935-1984) liked to subvert everyday objects with humor and affection. This creation was later named Juste un Clou.

1971年的“Nail手镯”,纽约卡地亚,卡地亚珍藏系列。同样出自Aldo Cipullo的设计。意大利籍-美国珠宝设计师Aldo Cipullo(1935-1984)善于使用幽默与感性颠覆日常物品。这个设计创作后来命名为Juste un Clou。

love-bracelet-1977 copy.jpgLove bracelet, Cartier New York, 1977. Cartier Collection. Designed by Aldo Cipullo for Cartier.

Provenance: The Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

1977年的“Love手镯”,纽约卡地亚,卡地亚珍藏系列。由Aldo Cipullo为卡地亚设计。

archive-necklace-burton-taylor-1969.jpgThe 68 carat Cartier-Burton-Taylor diamond necklace is created for Elizabeth Taylor by Cartier New York in 1969. It was seen worn by Taylor at Princess Grace of Monaco’s fortieth birthday and at the 42nd Academy Awards.

1969年,这条68克拉的Cartier-Burton-Taylor钻石项链是纽约卡地亚为Elizabeth Taylo量身打造,Elizabeth Taylor在摩纳哥王妃Princess Grace的40岁诞辰和第42届奥斯卡金像奖也戴上它亮相。

Aldo Cipullo

“It was the marking of a transition to something totally different which nobody was doing.”

Aldo Cipullo, the New York designer who created the Love bracelet and the Nail bracelet for Cartier later named Juste un Clou, 1981. These creations conceived in New York are still among Cartier’s most popular designs worldwide.

纽约设计师Aldo Cipullo,在创造了好评如潮的Love和1981年的Juste un Clou系列手镯作品后,它们依旧是卡地亚在纽约乃至全世界最受欢迎的设计。“这是标记着一个完全与众不同,无人触及的变迁。” Aldo Cipullo说。

drawing-necklace-la-peregrina-1972.jpgDesign drawing for the necklace comprising the La Peregrina pearl, created by Cartier for Elizabeth Taylor, 1972. The actress indicates her preferences in red ink on the drawing, a reminder of her consultations with Cartier.

1972年由卡地亚为Elizabeth Taylor所订做的La Peregrina珍珠项链设计图。身为女演员的她以偏好的红墨水绘图,这也是与卡地亚之间的磋商印记。

Glamour of the Roman Spirit 罗马精神的魅力

When charisma transcends confidence, femininity and seductiveness, beauty is poised around these reflections of the eyes. Bulgari’s recent exhibit of its “Magnificent Inspirations” High Jewelry Exhibition in Beijing revolves around three exquisite themes: Italian Extravaganza, Mediterranean Eden, and Roman Heritage.

The exhibition saw the attendance of Shu Qi – actress and Bulgari Brand Ambassador; and Carina Lau – actress and Bulgari High Jewelry Ambassador adorn some of the collections most incandescent jewelry with the background setting of the Maison, a place that perfectly matches the jewelry’s exquisite craftsmanship, its bold sense of heritage and the charming autumnal season.

10_Shu Qi at BVLGARI Magnificent Inspirations High Jewelry Exhibition.jpg
Shu Qi at BULGARI Magnificent Inspirations High Jewelry Exhibition
11_Carina Lau at BVLGARI Magnificent Inspirations High Jewelry Exhibition.jpg
Ambassador Carina Lau

04_BVLGARI High Jewelry necklace from Divas' Dream collection of Magnificent Inspirations, code 261519.jpg

The collection is inspired by the Mediterranean blue that captures the geometry of a sculpted garden, naiveté of a flower petal, and the sensuality of a supple serpent; the Roman sunset pink inspired by charming ancient Rome with the city’s architectural aesthetics and lastly, the ancient age of the golds highlighting the expressive and legendary skill and bold colours of Italian glamour.

 “This is the debut of the Magnificent Inspirations High Jewelry collection in China, following its launch in France. It’s a way to express our appreciation for China,” said Mr. Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of Bulgari Group.

Among those in attendance also include Jean-Christophe Babin CEO of Bulgari Group; Lucia Silvestri Creative Director of Bulgari Jewelry and Antoine Pin Managing Director of Bulgari Greater China.

当魅力超越自信、温柔和诱惑时,美丽将酝酿环绕投射在眼眸。 宝格丽(Bulgari)最近在北京举行的“壮丽之灵感”高级珠宝展览围绕三个精妙主题:意大利式风华,浪漫地中海和古罗马遗迹。



“这是壮丽之灵感高级珠宝系列的首次亮相,紧接着会在巴黎推介,也表达我们对中国的感激与赞赏。”宝格丽集团首席执行员Jean-Christophe Babin 说。

珠宝展的出席者也包括宝格丽集团首席执行员Jean-Christophe Babin,宝格丽珠宝创意总监Lucia Silvestri和大中华区董事经理平兴韬。

156th Emirates Melbourne Cup 马背上追风逐电

The Melbourne Cup Carnival, one of the biggest sporting events in Australia, saw one of the country’s largest tourism successes. Spanning over four sunny days, it attracted over 318,854 local, regional and international attendees who flocked to enjoy the racing, fashion, entertainment and hospitality of the world’s most vibrant racing event.

DSC_0055- copy.jpgThe 156th Emirates Melbourne Cup came to an exciting finish with the narrow victory by Almandin cementing Lloyd Williams’ place in the rich history of the race.

The thrills continued on Crown Oaks Day, with 120-1 chance Lasqueti Spirit providing a huge upset, while on the opening day of the Carnival, James Cummings became the fourth trainer of the Cummings dynasty to win the AAMI Victoria Derby when Prized Icon took the honours in the classic for three-year-olds.

The Melbourne Cup Carnival came to a close with Saturday’s Emirates Stakes Day. A strong crowd of 70,351 witnessed Stephen Baster ride the Leon and Troy Corstens-trained Awesome Rock to take out the $2 million feature race of the day.

Malaguerra, for trainer Peter Gelagotis and jockey Ben Melham, claimed the sprinting battle, winning the $1million Darley Classic.

The Carnival saw over 511 horses compete in 37 races with more than $18 million in prize money. The organiser has also made the effort to reach out to new audiences via a live stream by Channel 7 on Twitter that saw the hashtag #MelbourneCup trend number one worldwide. Live coverage of the Emirates Melbourne Cup reached 2.96 million viewers around the country, while PLUS7 Live delivered 575,000 streams.

Kerrin McEvoy won his second Melbourne Cup riding Almandin to victory

The Birdcage Enclosure played host to international and local celebrities including Elsa Pataky, Curtis Stone and Gina Rinehart at Emirates; Scott Eastwood at Sensis; Maria Menounos at Mumm; Bec Hewitt and Ashleigh Brewer at Lavazza; and Jennifer Hawkins and Kris Smith at Myer, while nine-time Olympic gold medallist and special guest of Crown, Usain Bolt, thrilled racegoers when he presented the Crown Oaks trophy to winning connections on Thursday.

Dami Imm performing
Australia’s Next Top Model, Host and Founder of Cozi and Jbronze, Jennifer Hawkins




第156届阿联酋墨尔本杯的亮点是由名驹Almandin最终赢得胜利,这也是具备丰富阅历的著名马主Lloyd Williams再次取得辉煌成就。

另外,持续精彩刺激的皇冠橡树日,Lasqueti Spirit结果以120-1的赔率大爆冷门。而在嘉年华开幕日James Cummings作为Cummings朝代的第四名练马师赢得AAMI维多利亚达比日经典3岁组的荣誉大奖。

墨尔本杯赛马嘉年华终于在周六举行的阿联酋赌注日落下帷幕,共7万351观众见证Stephen Baster骑着练马师Leon与Troy Corstens精心训练的赛马 Awesome Rock,赢取了200万澳元的奖金。

至于练马师Peter Gelagotis和骑师Ben Melham携同名驹Malaguerra,冲刺战役赢得达利经典赛的100万澳元奖金。


The Birdcage区域依旧迎来国际和当地明星名人,包括代表阿联酋的ElsaPataky, Curtis Stone和Gina Rinehart ; Sensis的Scott Eastwood Mumm的Maria Menounos ; Lavazza的Bec Hewitt和Ashleigh Brewer ; 还有Myer的Jennifer Hawkins与Kris Smith,而9次田径赛跑奥运金牌得主兼特别嘉宾Usain Bolt为皇冠橡树赛主持颁奖。


NORTH BANQUET Golden Era : 2016 金世纪 : 北马鸿宴



The Hosts

13 Influential Captains from different industries ranging from manufacturing to hospitality were honoured as The Hosts of the Night. This one-of-its-kind Red Carpet Gala Dinner provided them with an evening of extensive networking to develop new customer prospects, reward their key clients and friends with a VIP experience and connect with the most influential personalities.

The North Banquet 2016 – The Hosts & The VIPs is the first Red Carpet Gala Dinner in Butterworth organised by CHTNetwork in collaboration with Ichi Media with the objective to identify influential personalities as hosts and provide a platform for these hosts to invite their VIPs. This prestigious event in Butterworth further promotes various business industries such as tourism, manufacturing and hospitality to strengthen the economy and business opportunities both locally and abroad.

13位横跨制造业至服务业的产业领袖获邀担任“The Hosts of the Night”盛宴主人。这项别具意义的红毯盛宴赋予这些来自不同领域的产业领袖一个更全面的社交平台,促进商业人际网络,以至邂逅潜在顾客群,以及趁此良机回馈答谢主要客户与商业伙伴。

2016年北马鸿宴–是由CHTNetwork联合Ichi Media于槟城北海举办的首个名人红毯盛宴,主要目的是为了将当地名流商贾云集一堂,建立起广阔的商业人脉网络平台。除此以外,透过这项在北海举办的盛宴,还能促进各领域发展,包括观光业,制造业和服务业,加强海内外商业市场契机。

The VIPs

Over 300 invited guests who came to the event have dressed to impress. Men and women came adorned with lavish and glittery dresses and suits with a touch of gold. The event was held at Sunway Carnival Convention Centre with great support from fellow sponsors:- Rado, Shiseido Professional, Lamborghini Kuala Lumpur, Sunway Hotel, Royals Blue and Airmas Group. Other supporting sponsors included GST Group, Gartien, Starbucks, Redbox Karaoke, One East Museum, Passionis and DCOVA. Dato’ Alvin Lim, the Executive Chairman of Arita Plastics was the Guest of Honour of the Night.

超过300位嘉宾受邀出席盛宴。只见现场一片衣香髻影,众嘉宾还特别呼应大会服饰主题,于全身装扮行头上点缀以一抹黄金元素。这项汇集北海各产业精英领袖的盛宴,于Sunway Carnival Convention Centre华丽登场,此外,还荣获多个世界顶级品牌的鼎力支持,大会主赞助单位包括:Rado,Shiseido Professional,Lamborghini吉隆坡,Sunway Hotel,Royals Blue与Airmas集团。其他赞助单位尚有GST集团,小田佳园,Starbucks,Redbox Karaoke,One East Museum,Passionis与DCOVA。是晚担任大会主理嘉宾的是Arita Plastics行政主席Alvin Lim。


The Surprise

Dato’ Cher Chen Chiang and Richard Rivalee were delighted with a surprise birthday celebration when cakes and premium gifts were presented to them accompanied by a birthday song from the floor.

是晚还上演了一段惊喜小插曲–只见宴会进行至中段时,忽然一曲生日歌缓缓响起,伴随着生日蛋糕与生日礼物奉上,原来这是大会特别为拿督徐正强与 Richard Rivalee 所准备的一场生日惊喜庆祝,为整场华丽宴会平添一股温馨感。


The Cuisine

Petr Feher, a European-born Celebrity Chef with over 20 years of culinary experience who is also the Executive Chef at Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok and the Fine Food Consultant of GST Group, has designed delicate and sumptuous appetisers for the gala dinner.

PetrFeher是一位拥有20余年经验的欧裔明星主厨,他目前担任Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok行政主厨一职,以及GST集团的高级饮食顾问,今特别为红毯盛宴精心设计了与场合匹配的精致开胃菜。


The Show

The event featured a spectacular Hair & Fashion Show (Theme: Evolution of the 60s) in collaboration with Shiseido Professional, Signature Hair Expert and renowned fashion designer Richard Rivalee. It showcased the vogue and elegant vintage 1960s hairstyle with stunning and dramatic impression achieved through huge smooth high and low bun techniques.

除了挑逗味蕾的精致美食以外,是晚还精心呈献了一场由发型界先锋Shiseido Professional与时装设计师RichardRivalee携手打造的发型与服装秀(主题:60年代的精彩演变)。这场看头十足的T台秀将黄金60年代独具一格的优雅韵味,透过崭新创意的手法,呈现出强烈的视觉震撼效果。

NB.pngThe Book

A unique coffee table book featuring both sponsors and the hosts was unveiled on the night to commemorate this important event. It was distributed to guests to achieve maximum exposure for the sponsors and hosts.


nb2The Best Dressed

Many have dressed to impress on the night but only four ladies and one gentleman were chosen for their elegant evening gowns and charismatic formal suit. General Manager of Shiseido Professional, Samantha Vong presented the Best Dressed momentos to the beautiful Datin’ Peggy Lim, Dr Maggie Fong, Grace Chiam, Datin’ Karen Ng and the handsome Leon Hulme.

盛装出席的嘉宾共聚一堂,唯只有四位女士和一位男士被评选为“大会最佳穿著奖”得主。最后由ShiseidoProfessional总经理SamanthaVong为这五位得奖者:DatinPeggyLim,Dr.Maggie Fong,GraceChiam,DatinKarenNg和Leon Hulme颁发奖项。

nb3The Auction

A significant part of the night was the fun and excitement of the bidding game where portion of the proceeds of sold items were given to charity as part of the contribution of the event. The highlight of the night was the auction of a specially designed jewellery piece “The Heirloom” by Royals Blue to celebrate the success story of The North Banquet. The exquisite piece, adorned with 448 coloured stones and diamonds, was sold at RM47,000 to Mr and Mrs Khor Chin Leng.

A Rado HyperChrome Automatic Chronograph Match Point – a limited edition of tennis-inspired plasma high-tech ceramic watch with only 999 pieces available in the whole world; an elegant luxury evening gown from renowned fashion designer Richard Rivalee; and a unique edition of One East Museum’s Founder Ch’ng Huck Theng’s Relationship bronze sculpture were also auctioned.

进入盛宴的压轴好戏慈善拍卖环节,众多拍卖品中尤以RoyalsBlue精心设计的珠宝作品“The Heirloom”最备受瞩目,这件镶嵌上448颗彩宝与钻石的珠宝臻品,最后由许振龙伉俪以RM47,000得标。是晚所有拍卖善款全数捐献于本地公益团体。

此外,RadoHyperChromeAutomatic Chronograph Match Point – 创作灵感源自网球的Rado全球限量999枚等离子高科技陶瓷腕表,出自著名时装设计师Richard Rivalee之手的奢华晚礼服,以及One East Museum创办人庄学腾先生所创作的“Relationship”铜像也一并公开拍卖。


People’s Choice Award 2016 人民选择奖

The winners of People’s Choice Award 2016, an initiative founded by Brand Yourself to recognise outstanding individuals with prominent achievements in their industries, were announced during a Gala event held at Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur. Around 300 guests attended this year’s People’s Choice Award, which also marked the second year of the award ceremony where 14 eligible nominees were selected to run for the 4 awards.

Most Stylish Award – Aw Tai Hau, Optical Stylist Founder of Pott Glasses
Most Promising Entrepreneur Award Sky Ong & Kelvin Ong, 3D Animation Expert Founders of Architree Design Sdn Bhd
Most Charismatic Award – Cyrus Chin, Event Wizard Founder of Bravo Events & Entertainment Sdn Bhd

在吉隆坡Le  Meridien酒店举行的第二届人民选择奖(People’s Choice Award)由拿汀卢妙卿与黄荣斌主持,吸引约300人踊跃出席。共有14人被提名角逐4个奖项,最终 Cyrus Chin 赢获人民选择奖  (People’s Choice Award)与最富魅力奖 (Most Charismatic Award),Sky与 Kevin Ong勇夺最有前途企业家奖 (Most Promising Entrepreneur Award),Aw Tai Hau 赢得时尚大奖 (Most Stylish Award)。当晚的大会嘉宾是SAME(马来西亚中小型企业拓展中心)首席执行员符策勤,大马偶像 (Malaysia  Idol)第一季决赛入围者 Nikki Palikat 以甜美且饱满的声线呈献Gemilang一曲,震撼全场观众。