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Giving prominence to lavish international events in all its magnificence

Cross-Cultural Exchange 跨文化交流


The joint exhibition of the Penang Art Society with the Kunming Landscape Painitng Society was an echo of the One Belt One Road initiative by the Chinese Premier. Held in One East Museum and officiated by Mr. Lee Khai, Chairman of the Penang State Art Gallery Committee, this Malaysia China exhibition saw more than 80 works presented by artists from China and Malaysia.

槟城艺术协会与昆明山水画社为了响应中国总理“一带一路”的倡议,联合举办了艺术展览会。这个在一东博物馆进行的展出,由槟州州立画廊委员会主席李凯主持开幕,这次马来西亚与中国联展共展出来自两国艺术家创作的 80 多件作品。


Dato’ Alvin Lim’s Groovy 70s’ themed Birthday 拿督林廷晖“绝妙70年代”生日派对


Dato’ Alvin Lim’s ‘Groovy 70s’ themed 60th Birthday party at Spoon Cafe, G Kelawai Hotel Penang was truly an unforgettable and remarkable one with music to the 70s’, food, drinks and lots of laughter.

The event was meant to be private and intimate as Dato’ Alvin’s family and his closest friends gathered to celebrate the occasion. Guests were all dressed in the 70s’ theme and they embraced the theme sportingly, leading to a fun-filled evening.

In Dato’ Alvin’s speech, he thanked his family and guests for the wonderful evening, followed by funky music by the band for the guests to make their moves on the dance floor. Entertainment for the evening include a series of fun games with rewards and gifts, as well as Best Dressed presentation awards for the guests. Also in conjunction with Father’s Day, Dato’ Alvin also had a cake-cutting ceremony with all the fathers at present as dual-celebrations.

拿督林廷晖重现 70 年代光景的 60 大寿生日派对,在槟城 G 酒店的 Spoon Cafe 里上演,这是一个令人难忘的夜晚,穿越时光隧道一般的 70 年代音乐、食物、饮料和此起彼落的笑声。

他与家人还有最亲密的朋友们齐聚一堂,让这场私人派对倍加温馨。宾客以主动愉快的心情配合 70 年代的主题,大家身着那年代应景服饰,共度欢乐时光。



Trumping Reillys Wines & Naturavino 王牌莱利斯葡萄酒

Teels Heritage Café, located in Penang, recently organised a wine tasting session featuring wines from the Clare Valley in South Australia by winemaker Justin Ardil. The evening was hosted by Reillys Wines & Naturavino principal Raymond Yeap accompanied by Chef Bryan Tang in a degustation tasting menu of 9 courses with a variety of wines introduced to over 30 attendees. Teels Heritage Café provide an atmosphere of times gone by with a cosy interior decorated with upholstered couches and black and white photos reminiscence of a blast from the past.

Teels 195

位于槟城的 Teels Heritage Café, 咖啡馆餐厅近日举行一场由澳大利亚南部克莱尔谷的莱利斯(Reillys)酒庄首席酿酒师Justin Ardil 酿造的葡萄酒品酒会。当晚,Reillys Wines & Naturavino的负责人 Raymond Yeap 连同大厨 Bryan Tang 透过9种不同类别的美酒品尝菜单进行介绍,让逾30名参与者获益良多。至于 Teels Heritage Café 咖啡馆餐厅充满怀旧氛围,舒适的室内装潢基调,惬意的软垫长沙发,记忆过去大事记的黑白照片,令人松懈心情。

Golden Retirement 黄金荣休时刻


Ghee Hiang celebrated the retirement of Executive Chief Pastry Baker Mr Koay Teow Soon in the Grand Ballroom of Cititel Hotel Penang together with management and staffs. Koay has been with Ghee Hiang for 60 years and finally it is time to bid farewell at the age of 80. When asked why such a big event was organised for one staff,  “Ghee Hiang is blessed to have workers of such dedications and loyalties. It is our small little way to say a big thank you” said Executive Director Chng Huck Theng. Koay’s family members were also invited to this memorable event.


義香在槟城龙城酒店大宴会厅里欢送他们糕饼点心执行主管郭潮顺荣休,所有管理层和工作人员聚集庆祝这个黄金时刻。郭潮顺为義香贡献了 60 年的宝贵岁月,直至80 岁才正式退休。義香执行董事庄学腾表示,为一名员工组织如此大型的活动,这是因为义香怀着感恩的心态,有幸拥有这样努力奉献和忠诚的员工,这只是他们表达微小心意的方式。郭潮顺的家人也受邀出席参加这个温馨快乐的聚会。


Tag Heuer Meets NBA Basketball Champion 泰格豪雅会见NBA冠军

Matthew Dellavedova take on the Batak Don’t Crack Under Pressure basketball challenge while visiting the TAG Heuer Collins St in its Melbourne boutique recently. The Australian NBA basketball champion set the standard high when he showed off his skill, bouncing a basketball whilst hitting the illuminated scoreboard on the Batak machine. Amidst his busy schedule, he took time from his off-season schedule to sign TAG Heuer caps, take photographs and chat with fans. He secured an NBA roster spot with Cleveland Cavaliers before winning the NBA Championship in 2015 alongside Lebron James and Kyrie Irving. Apart from carrying the Avant-Garde spirit of TAG Heuer, Dellavedova is also playing with the Milwaukee Bucks.

TAGHeuer_MatthewDellavedova (9)TAGHeuer_MatthewDellavedova (11)

澳洲职业篮球运动员 Matthew Dellavedova 拜访泰格豪雅位于墨尔本的旗舰店,同时接受 “Don’t Crack Under Pressure Basketball” 挑战。他当场秀出高超技能,频频得分。Matthew 在繁忙的行程中抽出时间,为粉丝在泰格豪雅帽子上签名兼拍照聊天。他在随克里夫兰骑士队获得 NBA 冠军前,曾和 Lebron James 及 Kyrie Irving 并肩而战。Matthew 秉持泰格豪雅无惧挑战、成就自我的精神,现效力于 NBA 密尔瓦基公鹿队。

TAGHeuer_MatthewDellavedova (13)

Inspiration for Dior’s 70th Anniversary 迪奥70周年灵感启发

Opening night world premiere exhibition The House of Dior: Seventy Years of Haute Couture. NGV

In celebrating Dior’s 70th Anniversary, Maria Grazia Chiuri, the Artistic Director was tasked to create the Autumn-Winter 2017-2018 Haute Couture collection for women. For Maria Grazia Chiuri, the atlas symbolizes a desire for faraway lands, the need to travel to discover the world and oneself, to feel emotion, grow and evolve.

Striking in a Dior Couture gown, Oscar award-winning Australian actress, Nicole Kidman walked the David Jones Red Carpet with Edwina McCann, Editor-in-Chief, Vogue Australia before receiving a tour of the exhibition which includes a couture piece her famous chartreuse sheath dress, worn to the 1997 Oscars.

Critically acclaimed and award winning American actress Elizabeth Olsen walked the David Jones Red Carpet as a guest of Dior, wearing a Christian Dior ensemble, designed by current head designer, Maria Grazia Chiuri.

Stephen Jones celebrate his 20th Anniversary career as Dior’s hat designer nods to explorer Freya Stark in a collection of fedora masculinity. Other notable attendees to the NGV Gala included Nicole Chow, Winnie Harlow, Rachel Griffiths, Jesinta Franklin, Kimbra, Adam Goodes, Tina Arena, Kat Stewart, Rebecca Judd, Kate Ceberano, Sarah Ellen and Olympia Valance.

在奢华大牌迪奥迎来70周年之际,艺术总监 Maria Grazia Chiuri 肩负着 2017-2018 年女性秋冬高级定制时装系列的设计任务。她说,地图册象征着对于遥远的土地渴望,需要不断探索世界和自身,体会情感,成长和进化。

在美国奥斯卡中获奖的澳大利亚女演员 Nicole Kidman 身着迪奥定制礼服,与 Vogue 澳大利亚的主编 Edwina McCann 携手走澳大利亚时尚品牌 David Jones 红毯盛会。而在展览会中一件瞩目的黄绿色紧身连衣裙,也是她曾在 1997 年的奥斯卡颁奖礼上穿过的晚装。

至于备受看好的美国女演员 Elizabeth Olsen 作为迪奥的贵宾,在 David Jones 红毯上身着由现任首席设计师 Maria Grazia Chiuri 所设计的迪奥全套服饰。

作为迪奥的御用帽子设计师,Stephen Jones 为了欢庆20周年职业生涯,设计了一套软帽系列向探险家 Freya Stark 致敬。

其他出席维多利亚州国立美术馆(NGV)晚会的嘉宾包括: Nicole Chow, Winnie Harlow、Rachel Griffiths、Jesinta Franklin、Kimbra、Adam Goodes、Tina Arena、Kat Stewart、Rebecca Judd、Kate Ceberano, Sarah Ellen 与 Olympia Valance。

Asia’s Edition of the Perpetual Calendar


Patek Philippe recently hosted the launch of Asia’s very first Perpetual Calendar Memory of the Future Event at the National Gallery in Singapore. It saw the attendance of VIP guests including those from Cortina Watch. The guests sat in a presentation that touched on the topic about the evolution of time, the history of watchmaking, the Perpetual Calendar specifics and also watchmakers contributions. Guests were invited to walk through the exhibition that showcased the Perpetual Calendar museum pieces. Thereafter, the attending watchmakers and guests were given the opportunity to converse about the calendar’s movements and components. Each session ended with an exquisite lunch and dinner, paired with wine and champagne. At the end of the event, guests were given door gifts from Patek Philippe.

百达翡丽(Patek Philippe)近日在新加坡国家美术馆举办了对应未来的活动“亚洲首个万年历记忆”,其中还有来自高登钟表等贵宾们也出席了活动。来宾们聚精会神的聆听主办方呈献的解说环节,内容包括时间演变、制表历史、永恒万年历以及制表师的贡献。而大家也受邀参观一切有关万年历博物馆的展品。过后,与会的制表师和现场嘉宾加入针对万年历机芯和部件的对话研讨。每一场会议皆以搭配葡萄酒与香槟的精美午晚餐作为完结。最后活动正式结束时,来宾们也收到百达翡丽赠送的小礼物。